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What is WiFi analytics?

WiFi analytics involves the use of WiFi networks to collect data on WiFi devices such as smartphones and laptops and  includes detailed information on the device behaviour, both physically in the space covered by the WiFi network, as well as the activity performed via the WiFi network's internet connection.

Associated Devices

WiFi analytics on 'associated devices' means that the analytics is being provided only on devices that are connected to the WiFi network. As such, devices which are not connect to the WiFi networ are not included in the analytics data. This often means that the sample size of the analytics is very small as most businesses struggle to get high WiFi connection rates. 

Unassociated Devices

WiFi analytics based on 'unassociated devices' means that the analytics is based on any and all WiFi enabled devices within range of the network which are actively sending probes. This may include laptops, smartphones and other devices such as Sonos or printers depending on the filtering of the WiFi analytics platform. As a result, this type of WiFi analytics provides much higher numbers as it's base index.

WiFi analytics data

The following outlines the type of data available via WiFi analytics, focussing on unassociated device data. 


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How WiFi analytics works

WiFi analytics collects anonymous data from WiFi enabled smartphones and devices. All WiFi enabled devices send out 'probes' looking for WiFi networks. WiFi analytics systems capture this data and report on it. 

Some of the benefits of WiFi analytics include:

  • Quick and easy setup peformed in less than 30 minutes
  • Can simply be installed on your existing WiFi network
  • Measures both in-venue and passing traffic outside the venue
  • Can be set to exclude staff and other devices seen often
  • Provides rich customer experience metrics well beyond a simple people counter
  • Can be integrated with other data such as staffing, POS and marketing data
  • Cloud-based service with full remote support
How it works

How is WiFi analytics used?

There are many uses for WiFi analytics, such as:

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