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5 reasons retailers love Blix

Blix does the hard work so you can do more of what matters. See why leading retailers have made the move to the world's leading traffic and CX platform.

Number One

"In God we trust, all others bring data"

We couldn’t have said it better than W. Edwards Deming. Blix data will change the conversations you have in your business from “I think” or “we believe” to “the data shows me”. Having the right data to make smarter decisions is critical to success. Blix enables you to know what is truly happening inside your business and gives you the information you need to make positive change.

Blix data will inform smarter decisions in your retail business
Sales conversion optimisation for bricks and mortar retailers

Number Two

Advanced tools, simple enough for everyone to use

Blix’s software is fast, intuitive and tailored to the needs of the user from store manager to CEO. Our real-time system is easy for your team to use and works across mobile, tablets, Mac or PC. Blix’s best-in-class data and reporting helps you make smarter, more profitable decisions, whether you have ten stores or a thousand.

Number Three

Data that actually diagnoses performance issues

Blix data is far more powerful than a simple door count due to the fact that Blix measures unique smartphones, not simple line breaks or shadows. This means you can diagnose the cause of a low conversion rate, not simply know that the issue exists. 

"This is the most powerful data we've ever had in our business."
Donna Beazley, Area Manager, Wallace Bishop

Blix data diagnoses performance issues in retail stores
Blix enables focus on retail stores that can deliver maximum revenue impact

Number Four

Always know where to focus for maximum impact

Measuring store performance using sales data and simple door counts will not reveal the full picture. Blix quickly directs your attention to the stores with the greatest opportunity so you know where to focus. Whether it be smarter allocation of the area manager's time, secret shopping programs or the trainers, Blix will make sure you get the greatest bang for buck.

Number Five

Rely on real people, here to help you succeed

Blix is a business built on our customers' success. Our model is completely unique in the industry. The Blix Business Consulting team work very closely with clients to drive results from the Blix Traffic insights and are experts in conversion optimisation. 

The Blix team works closely with our clients to drive results

Trusted by leading brands

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