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Struggling for clarity on where to
get the best response for a client TV

Visualise your TV buy and the response you achieve through
a user-friendly interface that gives every detail you need.

What day gives you the best response from TVCs? And what time of day is best?

Map the performance of days of the week as well as times of day to get a clear handle on what works hardest with your target market.

What network performs best and how far should we spread the media buy across all stations?

Compare the performance of different networks - analyse primary vs secondary markets, metro vs digital and free to air vs paid.

What is the impact of different length TVCs? 30’s vs 15’s vs billboards vs other?

Get totally current metrics on what ad formats generate the best response for your clients.

Blix TV gives you a comprehensive view on TV advertising versus response - it means your TV spend can now optimised based on hard numbers.

Leading agencies and brands are using Blix TV to optimise TV advertising
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Learn how Blix TV can improve your TV advertising ROI by a minimum of 10%

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Isolate response for different days of the week and times of day.

Get specific details about where and when target
markets respond best to your TVCs


Benchmark networks & markets

See visual market breakdowns to identify where your best
response comes from.


See the impact of different ads

Chart the results of all TVC's to determine which ad types perform better.
And get performance metrics on billboard response rates.


Visualise your TV buy

Get a clean and clear view of your entire media buy
- it makes post analysis easy. 


"Blix TV is a valuable tool for Nunn Media, delivering unprecedented insights for our media team. Understanding which networks are delivering the best response, which are the better performing creatives, day parts etc. The insights from Blix TV enable us to constantly improved ROI for our clients, and give Nunn Media a competitive advantage."

Matt Nunn, CEO, Nunn Media

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Learn how Blix TV can improve your TV advertising ROI by a minimum of 10%

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