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Does TV represent more than 50%
of your marketing budget?

Knowing which creatives, markets, dayparts and
networks deliver the best results is essential.

Can you visualise your TV strategy?

With Blix TV you get a strategic view of your entire TV strategy
and history to ensure you are always have the answers you need.

Which are your best performing TV advertisements?

Compare creative, campaigns, A|B test and measure your response with Blix TV.

What is the ROI on your TV budget?

Get a true measure of the value of your TV budget and match performance
against your other media channels with accurate response metrics.

Blix TV fundamentally changes the way you understand and measure your TV advertising to maximise the return on your most expensive
media channel.

Global brands are using Blix TV to get the edge over their competition
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Learn how Blix TV can improve your TV advertising ROI by a minimum of 10%

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Get a high level view of your TV strategy

We visualise your TV buy to build a map of your investment,
performance and long term trends


Network and market performance
at your fingertips

Quickly understand which TV networks and markets are performing
best on the metrics that matter to you.


Understand the relationship between
your TV advertising and customer leads

Visualise how TV advertising is generating response and ultimately leads for your business. Monitor trends and put a number on ROI.


Benchmark your creative messages

A/B test your TV creative to identify what resonates with your target market. Chart the results of all commercials, group by campaign or product.


"Blix provided Progressive with an important tool to quickly help identify pockets of TV media leakage. Once we addressed the ineffective pockets, it provided a 20%+ improvement in our media efficiency. We have recovered to our target cost per sale and attribute much to the Blix system."

Simon Lindsay, Country Manager, Progressive Insurance

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Learn how Blix TV can improve your TV advertising ROI by a minimum of 10%

Request a Blix Demo