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What is the ROI on your TV budget?

If you are unable to compare your TV campaign results compared
to other media channels, then Blix TV will be invaluable to you.

What networks deliver the most leads?

If you don't know which networks deliver your best leads and sales,
then you need Blix TV.

Which are your best performing TV advertisements?

If you don't know which of your TVCs deliver the best results,
then you can benefit immediately from Blix TV.

Blix TV fundementally changes the way you understand and measure your TV advertising to maximise the return on your most expensive
media channel.

Global brands are using Blix TV to opsimise their TV advertising
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Learn how Blix TV can improve your TV advertising ROI by a minimum of 10%

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Understand the relationship between
your TV advertising and customer leads

Get precise figures on the leads generated by your TV
ads. And get an accurate ROI on your TV spend.


Network and market performance
at your fingertips

Quickly understand which TV networks and markets are performing best on the metrics that matter to you.


Benchmark your creative

A/B test your TV creative to identify what your target market responds to.
Chart the results of all TVCs, group by campaign or product.


See when your target market is most
responsive to your TV commercials

Use the Blix TV heatmap to quickly identify your best days and best times of day.


"Blix TV increases the effectiveness of our TV

advertising by 30%"

CEO, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

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Learn how Blix TV can improve your TV advertising ROI by a minimum of 10%

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