In-depth TV attribution data

Measure actual response to TV ads for optimal ROI

Blix TV

A/B Test TV Creative

Blix TV makes A/B testing TV ads easy by measuring the actual customer response to all individual advertisements, sponsorships and campaigns.

Select the top performing ad or campaign based on cost per response, cost per leads or actual sales to ensure the best ROI on TV media.

AB test creative
Compare ROI by network

Compare ROI By Network

Blix TV provides detailed analysis of network and channel performance broken down by regions, date ranges, shows and more.

Quickly identify which networks are delivering the highest response or leads at the lowest cost and direct your budget to generate the best outcomes for your business.

TV Market Performance

Blix TV makes it easy to compare the performance of TV markets and regions to make informed decisions.

Use this information to change strategy, negotiate with networks or identify opportunities for growth quickly and easily.

Measure market performance
Measure advertising ROI by network

Days & Day Parts

Blix TV makes it easy to analyse how days of the week and day parts perform on the metrics that matter to your business.

Use the Blix TV heatmap to quickly work out if your budget is aligned to the time of day that drives the most customer response, leads and sales.

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How it works

Blix TV measures TV attribution data and gives you insight into actual customer response to your television advertising.

Some of Blix TV's benefits include:

  • Connect to Google analytics
  • Connect call centre data
  • Import TV advertising schedule
  • Manage campaigns and creative
  • Cloud based 24/7 availability
  • Fully managed service
  • Dedicated Account Manager
How it works

A tool for all

Blix TV is a powerful tool for marketers and media agencies alike.

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