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Tourism footfall analytics

Measure customer foot traffic and engagement, in and between tourist destinations

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Tourism Footfall

Blix Traffic collects anonymous data from tourist smartphones to measure their entire journey from arrival to departure, including visitation to key tourist destinations and overall travel routes.

Measure Tourist Movements

Blix Traffic enables measurement of visitor behaviour and movements, within a tourist destination, and between destinations.

Our analytics provide insight into how business travellers differ from tourists, whether people attending events also visit other tourist destinations, the typical locations tourists visit and more.

Measure tourist movements
Measure event and sponsorship ROI

Event Return on Investment

Blix Traffic provides the ability to measure the true impact of an event, large or small.

Our footfall analytics provide insights into how event attendees travelled to an event, where they went afterwards, and how they travelled home - making an economic assessment of the event far more accurate.

Identify Marketing Impact

Blix Traffic can measure the impact of marketing and advertising campaigns on visitor patterns.

Quantifying the impact of marketing at airports and other tourist entry points, outdoor advertising, social media campaigns, and visitation to visitor centres can be done in real-time, 24/7.

Tourism marketing analytics
Tourism infrastructure analytics

Assets & Infrastructure

Blix Traffic will benchmark visitor patterns and behaviour so that changes to infrastructure and assets can be measured accurately.

The performance of visitor centres, digital signage and new infrastructure projects can be assessed before and after making changes.

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How it works

Blix Traffic footfall analytics uses WiFi access points to collect anonymous data from tourists smartphones. The data collected is unique for each smartphone, enabling movement between locations to be measured.

Some of the benefits of Blix Traffic include:

  • No app or customer opt-in required
  • All people with WiFi enabled smartphones are measured (typically +80%)
  • Uses your existing WiFi network or Blix's Plug and Play system
  • Measure a single destination, or movement between destinations thousands of miles apart
  • Integrates ticketing, point of sale and marketing data
  • Cloud-based service with full remote support
  • Your own dedicated account manager
How it works

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