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Increase sales conversion rates in car showrooms with Blix Traffic's powerful foot traffic system.

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Increase sales conversion in auto dealers with Blix Traffic

Dealership traffic counts

Accurate traffic logs have long been a challenge for car dealerships. Until now. Blix Traffic is the global auto industry standard when it comes to measuring customer traffic in vehicle showrooms. It's completely automated, simple to use and will help your sales team increase their sales conversion rates.

Built for the automotive industry

Measuring +3,000 showrooms in 12 countries

Hyundai uses Blix
"I can't believe we used to run this business without this data. It's powerful. It's useful."

Jonathan Pau
General Manager
Doncaster Hyundai


Independent traffic counts

Blix Traffic provides accurate customer counts both inside and outside your car showroom. Blix only counts unique people and provides powerful data on how often customer return and the time between visits to your showroom.

Automated counts of customer traffic into auto dealers
Track & measure missed sales opportunities in auto dealers

Missed sales opportunities

Blix Traffic measures how long customers are inside your showroom and provides a count of customers who leave before engaging with a salesperson. Tracking these missed sales opportunities means you can identify issues with salespeople, staffing levels and customer service inside your dealership.

Cross-shopping between dealers

Blix Traffic measures where customers go before and after your dealership. Use this data to identify your main competitors as well as to accurately know where your customers are cross-shopping. Blix also identifies if you are losing sales to particular dealerships on a consistent basis.

Cross-shopping between car dealerships to identify sales leakage

Hyundai uses Blix
"We can see the days we are missing opportunities in dealerships."

Bernard McPhee-Lam
Area Manager
Hyundai Motor Company


Trusted by leading brands


Events & activations

Investments in local events, sponsorships or activations such as vehicle displays in shopping centres are both expensive and hard to measure in terms of return on investment. Blix Traffic measures the number of customers who visit these activations and subsequently visit vehicle showrooms installed with the Blix Traffic system.

Customer & staff engagement

Understanding how effectively your sales team is engaging customers on a daily and hourly basis is critical to success. The road to a sale process takes time and by measuring how long customers spend in your dealership gives you an accurate measure on how well your sales team is performing.


Marketing & media effectiveness

Gone are the days of wondering if your dealerships are busy or quiet. Blix Traffic provides your marketing, media and sponsorship teams with an accurate measure of how well their activities are driving customers into showrooms. 

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What's the cost?

Blix Traffic is a fully managed service. One low monthly fee covers the hardware, data and service.



Blix Traffic footfall analytics pricing

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