Real-time social distancing monitoring

Display real-time social distancing information to customers and staff.


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Covid-19 real time social distancing monitoring


Protect your customers and team

The health and safety of your customers and team are critical during these uncertain times. By displaying live customer counts and occupancy limits, customers will be confident that your business is taking their safety seriously and your team will feel empowered to perform their duties in a safe and supportive workplace.

Real-time entrance signage

Place a tablet or screen at the entrance to your store to display the live social distance monitoring advice based on the number of customers your store can safely accommodate. This advice to customers is updated in real-time as customers enter and exit your store.

Blix Safe Shopping occupancy notification


Covid-19 occupancy management software


Store occupancy analytics

Using any web browser, provide your team with real-time advice on store traffic as it relates to occupancy limits and social distancing so they can welcome customers with confidence.

Simple to install and setup

Blix provides an easy-to-install overhead camera for installation near your store entrance. The camera can be connected to your in-store WiFi or Blix Traffic sensor to provide real-time data in minutes.

Blix safe shopping camera



Customer traffic data for cities and key centres

The Blix Industry Trends reporting gives you access to data collected from thousands of sensors in Australia and New Zealand to know how customer traffic is trending in the retail, automotive and property industries for only $495/mo. Click here for more info.


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Industry Trends Report

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