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Bricks and mortar retail traffic counts to optimise sales conversion

A fresh take on store traffic

Blix Traffic is the next generation of traffic counting for retailers. The data is powerful, the reporting is easy to use and insightful, and our service is exceptional. 

Staff rosters

Blix Traffic makes it easy to align your staff schedules to customer demand. The Blix staffing reports integrate directly with your time in attendance or staff scheduling system so that you can easily identify where your rosters may be having a negative impact on conversion and sales.

Staff rosters
Identify performance issues with retail store performance

Identify performance issues

The Blix Traffic in-store performance report automatically places stores into four quadrants based on performance. Most importantly, this report explains what actions are required to improve store sales! Whether you have 20 or 200 stores, this report makes it easy for your team to improve performance and focus on the stores with the greatest upside.

Measure & track sales conversion

Sales conversion is the most important metric for any bricks and mortar retailer. Blix Traffic makes it easy to track sales conversion over time, by hour of the day, day of the week and compare different date ranges. Everything you need to understand how your stores are truly performing.

Measure & track sales conversion in bricks and mortar retail stores

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Missed sales opportunities

Identifying your missed sales opportunities is critical when it comes to increasing sales. Blix Traffic highlights the periods of the day, week or month where missed sales opportunities are the greatest so you can take the necessary actions.

Peel off rate

Leasing costs in busy locations are huge, which is why it is critical that you measure the percentage of passing traffic that enters your store. Blix measures your peel off rate so you know which window and visual merchandise changes have the biggest impact.

Peel off rate for retail stores
Measure retail store customer experience

Customer experience

All good retailers focus on delivering the absolute best customer experience to customers. Blix makes it easy to measure how stores compare in terms of customer experience as well as the impact this has on conversion and sales.

You choose how you access Blix data

What's the cost?

Blix Traffic is a fully managed service. One low monthly fee covers the hardware, data and service.



Blix Traffic footfall analytics pricing

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