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What is retail analytics?

Retail analytics is any information that allows retailers to make smarter decisions and manage their businesses more effectively. This includes data about retail locations, customers patterns, marketing and in-store performance.

Retail analytics store location data

Store Location Data

Retail store positioning is critical to success. Blix data shows that the customer traffic surrounding a store, and more particularly, the ability of that store to convert that traffic into in-store visits, is critical to success. This data combined with store sales data enables a retailer to know the true value of each location as well as it's potential - all valuable information when reviewing retail leases.

Retail analytics customer data 

Customer Data

Getting accurate customer counts is useful, but knowing where your customer spend time, how long they spend in areas, how often they return, which other stores they visit and what percentage of customers leave too quickly to purchase is highly valuable information. This level of customer experience data enables true demand-driven rostering, more effective sales training and more.

Retail analytics marketing data

Marketing Data

Marketing and media budgets are a major cost of any retail business, and knowing which campaigns and budgets are driving the best outcomes can be very difficult. Retail analytics integration with marketing and media budgets can provide insights into which campaigns or media spends are driving the highest value customers in-store - those customers who return often and spend the most.

Retail analytics in-store performance data

In-store Performance

Accurate in-store performance measurement isn't possible without having customer data, staffing details and point of sale data. Combining all these data sets, retail analytics provides insight into in-store performance and makes comparing stores easy. Using benchmarks and setting store KPI's enables in-store performance to be measured and improved.


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What are the benefits of retail analytcis?

Combining the above data into retail analytics provides many benefits, such as:

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