Privacy policy

No personal information

We don't collect any personal information or anything that identifies shoppers. Our sensors can't see your call history, browsing history, your name or your phone number.

We only report on trends and aggregate data

Our clients use BLIX Sense to understand general patterns in their store traffic, like what time of day they have the most customers, or how many people walk past their store windows each week. We don't provide data on individual shoppers, and clients are prohibited form attempting any type of data-matching.

Security first

All data sent from BLIX sensors to our database use bank-level HTTPS security. Device IDs are irreversibly encrypted before being stored and nobody, including us, can work out the device ID from its corresponding activity in a BLIX-monitored store.

Simple, permanent opt out

We make it easy to opt out of BLIX tracking. If you'd prefer not to participate in BLIX's aggregate shopping reports, simply turn off your phone's WiFi when entering a BLIX-monitored store. If you'd like to opt-out permanently, you can do so instantly on our opt out page.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do Blix sensors collect and how can it be useful to a business?

Your Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc) continuously send out 'pings', looking for nearby wireless networks to connect to. If you walk into a retail space that uses Blix technology, our in-store sensors listens for these pings. The sensor records some information about each ping, including the manufacturer of your device (eg. Apple) and a unique device ID called a MAC address.

The MAC address of your device does not disclose any personal information about you. At no point is your name, phone number, or any other personal information recorded by our sensor, and our sensors never communicate or interact with your devices.

Even though your MAC address does not identify you, we further safeguard your privacy by irreversibly encrypting it before storing it in our system. Finally, the record of store visits by each anonymous shopper is then aggregated and analysed to produce trend and insight reports for our retail clients.

Who does Blix share information with?

We only share information with our partners and clients - the retailers from whose stores the anonymous data is captured - and even then, only ever in aggregate form. We never include device-specific data in any client reports, and our clients are contractually prohibited from attempting to identify a shopper using our data. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose device-specific information to law enforcement agencies or the government unless required to by a court order or warrant.

We only use world-class data storage exchange and storage providers, such as Amazon Web Services, which are necessary to provide Blix's services. Although our data warehouses are based in Sydney, data about your device may also pass through our third party service provider's networks in the USA.

What are your consumer choices?

To fully inform shoppers about the operation of Blix sensors in participating retailers, we recommend providing an in-store notice to customers. If you have any concerns about Blix you can easily opt out of participation. By entering in your MAC address (how do I know what my MAC address is?), we will delete all existing data for your MAC address and remove you from any future tracking. Opt out now.

In the interests of transparency we provide you with the ability to access the raw data associated with the encrypted MAC address of any devices that you own. In order to safeguard the privacy of device owners, any request for such data must include: the MAC address of your device, the date range for which data is sought, and the proof of ownership of the device for the date range over which the data is requested.