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Blix and your privacy

We're a bunch of data-driven coders, designers and analysts who treat
your privacy the way we expect others to treat our own: with
transparency and respect. We understand that the power of technology
to reveal amazing consumer insights comes with a huge responsibility
to safeguard and protect shopper privacy. That's why our products are
built with privacy protections baked in at every layer, from the data our
sensors collect to the reports we produce for clients.

How we protect your privacy


No personal information

We don't collect any personal information or anything that identifies shoppers. Our sensors can't see your call history, browsing history, your name or your phone number.

We only report on trends and aggregate data

Our clients use BLIX Sense to understand general patterns in their store traffic, like what time of day they have the most customers, or how many people walk past their store windows each week. We don't provide data on individual shoppers, and clients are prohibited form attempting any type of data-matching.

Security first

All data sent from BLIX sensors to our database use bank-level HTTPS security. Device IDs are irreversibly encrypted before being stored and nobody, including us, can work out the device ID from its corresponding activity in a BLIX-monitored store.

Simple, permanent opt out

We make it easy to opt out of BLIX tracking. If you'd prefer not to participate in BLIX's aggregate shopping reports, simply turn off your phone's WiFi when entering a BLIX-monitored store. If you'd like to opt-out permanently, you can do so instantly on our opt out page.

More questions about Blix and
your privacy?

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