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Whether you simply want to add customer experience data to your existing people counting technology, or you want to leverage the full power of Blix Traffic powerd by CountSmart®, all options come with our iOS and Android mobile app, industry-leading user interface and data integrations.

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Our Guarantee

The Blix Guarantee

Blix provides the most accurate smartphone tracking solution on the market today thanks to our proprietary CountSmart® technology - but this is just the start. Our retail consultants work closely with our clients to drive return on investment and ensure our Clients are raving fans. We are so confident in the success of our solution, that we provide this guarantee. Conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Metro locations can usually be installed within 5-10 working days, however the overall setup time depends on which Blix product you select, the number of locations you're installing and where these locations are.

Yes, however it does depend on where you are located and which version of our product you want to test. Get in touch and we can discuss this further.

Yes, there are no upfront costs. We charge a low monthly fee per store that incorporates everything we do, including the hardware and installation. Occasionally, clients request a capex model with an upfront fee and we can accommodate this if required, however our preference is to simply charge on a monthly basis.

Absolutely. Get in touch and we can discuss this further.

No. You can purchase Blix on a month-to-month basis, or on a fixed term, that's up to you.

Data without action is worthless, and increasing your sales conversion rate is not a quick or simple task. The Blix Business Consultants work very closely with our clients to interpret the data, make recommendations and drive execution to deliver results. Get in touch with us for more information on our Business Consulting service.

Yes. As much as we would love to, we can't provide the same level of service to a client with 10 stores as one who has 200. As such, we have the following tiers:

  • Essential - this is for clients who typically have between 10 and 25 stores and involves the Blix Business Consultants working with head office and the area/regional managers on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Business - this is for clients who typically have between 26 and 50 stores and involves the Blix Business Consultants working with head office, area/regional managers, operations and store managers on a fortnightly and monthly basis.
  • Enterprise - this is for clients who typically have more than 50 stores and involves the Blix Business Consultants working with head office, area/regional managers, marketing, operations and store managers on a weekly basis.

Get in touch for more information on our Business Consulting services.

Your Business Consultants will work with you to setup a structured engagement that maximises the value of your investment in Blix. For an enterprise client with a large network of stores, it may look something like this:

  • Monthly webinars for Store Managers
  • Weekly or fortnightly online meetings with Area/Regional Managers
  • Monthly or bi-monthly presentations to Management at head office
  • Regular meetings with the Operations, Marketing and Finance teams at head office

Each client has different requirements, so get in touch and we can discuss how Blix can deliver the best value to your business.

Blix can provide clients who have a minimum of 25 stores with a 100% Money Back Guarantee for the first 6-months of working with us. This means that once you have access to the Blix platform (ie. your stores have been installed and setup) if there is anything you are unhappy about, you can request all your money back and our hardware removed. This means you have absolutely no risk - if you don't love the Blix solution, you don't pay for it.

We limit the money back guarantee to 6-months. We will deliver substantial increases in sales conversion and revenue in the first 6-12 months and don't want clients taking advantage of us.

We believe in providing a seamless service to our clients. As such, Clients can select to have the Blix Lifetime Warranty. This ensures that if a hardware unit has issues or fails, we simply replace it - we don't waste time getting your approval. This way we minimise data outages and ensure you have a seamless service and continued value.
Blix is an agile software development company. We deploy new code to our platform and/or hardware on a weekly basis (every Tuesday between noon and 2pm AEDT if you must know). Sometimes these updates are new reports and functionality, and sometimes they are changes behind the scenes. Either way, all clients get the benefit of all these changes at no additional cost.
Yes. We believe that our clients should get the maximum amount of value out of our platform. As such, we don't limit how many people you can give access to. If you have 50 stores with 50 users or 50 stores with 200 users, that's fine by us.

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