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What is people counting technology?

People counters are electronic devices that are installed at locations to count the number of people as they walk into the building or certain areas. These devices collect anonymous data and break them up into key variables, such as the number of entrances, operation hours, sales transactions, and more.

Data from Blix people counting technology reveals just how many people visit a store, how many convert into customers, identify areas of the store with high footfall, and correlate these against staff scheduling and marketing campaigns.

Measure Customer Conversion

Go beyond sales data. Use Blix people counter technology to measure in-store traffic. Integrate store visitor data with your POS system to develop more relevant KPIs.

Be able to track not only customer conversion, but also how each location compares to another in terms of performance.

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Optimise Staffing

Blix Traffic people counters track customers throughout their store visit. We can measure time in store, volume of unique visitors over the day, trends and more.

Identify traffic cycles and schedule staff accordingly and let your store managers identify peak periods through people counting technology.

Enhance Product Placement

Understand where your customers are moving to within your store. Analyse people's movements and effectiveness of store layout.

Structure your product placement based on the collected data to ensure high customer engagement and improved time in location.

product placement

Benchmark Locations

Use Blix people counting technology to create a holistic view of all locations within your business.

Be able to compare and benchmark each location and identify key business opportunities and room for improvement.

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How people counting technology works

Blix Traffic people counting technology uses both traditional cameras and laser counters with WiFi access points to collect anonymous data from customer smartphones. The data collected is unique for each smartphone, enabling movement between locations to be measured.

Some of the benefits of Blix Traffic include:

  • No app or customer opt-in required
  • All people with WiFi enabled smartphones are measured (typically +80%)
  • Uses your existing WiFi network or Blix's Plug and Play system
  • Measure a single destination, or movement between destinations thousands of miles apart
  • Integrates ticketing, point of sale and marketing data
  • Cloud-based service with full remote support
  • Your own dedicated account manager
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