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Do you know which 50% of
your marketing is working?

If you don't know which media and marketing
activities are delivering the best results, then you
need Blix Intelligence.

Do you know your conversions from
website to store foot traffic to sales?

If you don't know what percentage of website visitors convert to leads, or walk into store and convert to sales, then you need Blix Intelligence.

Do you know which media channels
are delivering and which aren't?

With an integrated dashboard you can visually compare media channels against sales to pinpoint where you get best results.

Do you have all your KPIs on one
easy to use dashboard?

With easy integrations, you can have one dashboard for all your core metrics - then monitor and annotate the trends, and chart performance.

Blix Intelligence is an easy-to-use platform that shows your media spend and the response achieved on one scoreboard. You can quickly spot weaknesses in your sales process.

Leading companies around the world are using Blix Intelligence
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How it Works

Blix Intelligence connects media spend with total sales data in a few easy steps.

  • step1
  •  Connect your media spend data

    Blix Intelligence automatically connects to digital media and accepts file uploads for traditional media.

  •  Connect your sales data

    Blix Intelligence integrates your website, call centre, foot traffic and sales data easily and quickly.

  •  We do the rest

    Blix Intelligence displays this information in a very clear dashboard - you then make decisions based on key metrics

“Blix Intelligence has helped our teams work smarter with data and improve their level of reporting for increased effectiveness."

Tony Carr, Deputy Managing Director, Satterley Property Group

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