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Blix location analytics platform

 What is location analytics?

What is location analytics?

Location analytics provides unique insights into your business and customers through the analysis of data over maps. Common types of location analytics includes sales by location and customer in-store experience, viewed on interactive maps with geolocation capabilities.

 How location analytics works?

How location analytics works?

Location analytics simply connects your data sources to geolocations. Most data will have a geolocatoin value associated to it, such as an address or GPS coordinates, which can be represented on a map or with a geographic reference.

Data sources and types

Blix Traffic integrates multiple data sources to provide comprehensive location analytics.


Blix location analytics data sources

Data sources explained

The Blix platform is able to provide comprehensive location analytics because customer integrate many types of data into one central system for analysis.

Our hardware

Blix can use your existing WiFi hardware to capture WiFi analytics data or we can provide a plug 'n' play device.

Just add power! Simply plug our hardware into electricity and it'll be up and running in minutes using the 4G data connection. Or, use POE and your own internet. The choice is yours. It even has an inbuilt battery to survive power outages.

Blix plug 'n' play hardware

What's the cost?

We have plans to suit all businesses


How WiFi footfall data & analytics works

Blix Traffic uses smartphone Wifi signals to measure footfall and provide detailed analytics via a web-based interface. The Wifi network detects Wifi enabled smartphones within range, transmittig the anonymous data to the cloud. This data is then run through a series of algorithms in order to calculate the footfall analytics.


This results in very rich location analytics based on smartphone data such as:

WiFi location analytics data

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