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Blix Traffic is a plug 'n' play system and fully managed service so you can focus on running your business.

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How it works

Blix Traffic sensors detect anonymous smartphone signals to provide detailed foot traffic, customer experience and location analytics data. Unlike traditional people counters, Blix Traffic measures spaces, not doors and is up and running in minutes.

The Blix sensor

Blix Traffic sensors are plug 'n' play. Simply plug the sensor into any standard electrical outlet and start collecting data on smartphones immediately. Each sensor has inbuilt internet so is completely independent of your in-store internet and IT systems. As a completely managed service, Blix monitors, manages and supports all Blix sensors.

Install Blix location analytics with no interruption to store trading

CountSmart® provides the world's most accurate smartphone tracking data


Unrivalled foot traffic accuracy with CountSmart®

Many smartphone OS developers have implemented masking techniques that reduce the accuracy of WiFi analytics solutions, dramatically hindering their ability to provide users with influential foot traffic insights.

To overcome this our team at Blix Traffic developed a unique, AI-powered technology that’s able to navigate around these restrictions to provide accurate WiFi analytics data. Our CountSmart® technology uses an algorithm developed from over 3 billion smartphone interactions to create unique identifiers for every smartphone, all while protecting the privacy of smartphone users and ensuring compliance with privacy legislation.

Zero interruption installation

Installing a Blix sensor is very simple and fast. The Blix technician will install the sensor in a central location within your store or dealership to get the best data accuracy. This is usually under a sales counter or can be in the ceiling. If there isn't an existing powerpoint available, the Blix technician will install one.

Once the sensor has been installed, the Blix technician, using the Blix Installation mobile app, will connect to the sensor and follow the step-by-step instructions. This usually takes about 10 minutes and all the information collected is automatically sent to our operations team who finalise the setup and begin calibration.

Foot traffic sensor installation
Foot traffic data calibration

Calibration & removing staff

Once installed, the Blix sensor begins collecting data immediately. The Blix Operations Team analyses this data, along with the installation survey supplied by the technician to commence setup and calibration. The calibration process takes anywhere from 4 to 10 days depending on the location.

During calibration, the Blix Operations Team configure the zones to be measured and the staffing algorithms to remove staff, delivery people and other smartphones which are clearly not customers from the traffic data. Once calibration is complete, clients can access accurate data right back to 90 seconds after the technician connected the sensor to power!

Data & reporting

As soon as calibration is complete, the client is given access to the Blix Traffic reporting platform. The reporting platform will combine your sales, staffing and marketing data to provide a powerful suite of real-time reports.

Blix Traffic reports are continuously evolving and improving. Reports include analysis of customer traffic, sales conversion, marketing performance, staff scheduling, sales performance, customer experience, real estate, windows, visual merchandising and more.

Customer traffic data and reporting

What about privacy?

Blix takes privacy very seriously. Whilst Blix sensors do not collect any data classified as personally identifiable information (PII), we still use bank-level security, data encryption and other methods to ensure the integrity of our database, client data and platform.


Blix Privacy Policy

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