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Hospitality footfall analytics

Customer experience and foot traffic measurement for hospitality venues

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Hospitality Footfall

Blix Traffic uses customer smartphone signals to provide customer counts and analytics on customer experience, loyalty and how people use your venue.

Demand Driven Staff Rosters

Measuring customer foot traffic and engagement enables hospitality venues to ensure the right number of staff are rostered at all times. 

The Blix Traffic Roster report for makes it easy for a venue manager to optimise their staff rosters, as well as for head office to quickly identify venues that require attention.

Hospitality venue staffing analytics

Measure Customer Flow

Gain insights into how your customers use your venues and facilities. Know if conference and event attendees dine in your restaurants or gamble on your casino floor.

The Blix Traffic platform makes it easy to see how customers move through your facilities and which ones represent the highest value.

Improve Customer Experience

Monitor key customer experience metrics such as dwell times, bounce rates, loyalty and customer movement.

The Blix CX Engagement report identifies the venues with customer experience, staff training and staffing issues at a glance - across an venue, or network of venues.

Marketing ROI

Measure the performance of marketing campaigns on the buyer's journey for your customers.

The Blix Traffic Marketing report provides an overview of all media and marketing activities and how they relate to website traffic, venue foot traffic, conversion rates and sales.

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How it works

Blix Traffic hospitality analytics combines anonymous customer smartphone data with point of sale, staff rosters, marketing and other data to enable data-driven decision making for venues.

Some of the benefits of Blix Traffic include:

  • Quick and easy setup 
  • Uses your existing WiFi network on Blix's Plug and Play system
  • Integrates staffing, POS and marketing data
  • Cloud-based service with full remote support
  • Your own dedicated account manager
How it works

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