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Footfall analytics

Location Analytics Data

Blix Traffic primarily uses Wifi to count people, measure customer engagement and provide detailed location analytics. This real-time data can be used by businesses in many indistries to improve their operations or simply to understand their customers.

Outside Foot Traffic

Measure the number of people passing outside a specific location. The location can be the space outside a retail store, a car yard, a train station or anywhere that Blix Traffic is installed.

This data can be used to measure shopping centre trends, window conversions, visual merchandising changes and more.

Customer count

Customer Counts

Get real-time people counting data inside a location by hour, day, week or month. This data normally represents customers counted inside a retail store or anywhere that Blix Traffic is installed.

People counting data can be used in many ways and in many industries to provide accurate data to make operation decisions.

Unique Customer Counts

Blix Traffic can provide a count of customers who are unique - meaning that they have not been seen before within a specified date range.

Unique customer counts provide insight into customer patters, marketing campaigns, customer loyalty and more.

Unique customer counts
Dwell time

Dwell Time

Understand how long customers spend in a specified area. The average visit duration of customers provides businesses with great insight into customer engagement and behaviour.

Identifying which locations have longer dwell times can enable a business to make informed decisions around staffing, timetables, logistics and more.

Repeat Customers

Customer loyalty is important for every business, so knowing how often your customers return is a critical performance metric for any business to measure.

Blix Traffic can identify the percentage of customers seen more than once within any specified time period.

Repeat customers
Recency of visit

Recency & Frequency of Visits

Identify how often customers visit your locations, and the time between those visits provides invaluable insight into customer behaviour and even sales follow up activities.

Knowing if customers typically return in 5 or 25 days can be very valuable for a business.


Bounce Rates

Knowing the number of customers who enter your store or location, only to leave too quickly to purchase is very important.

Having a high bounce rate is very costly and highlights issues such as understaffing, insufficient staff training or poor visual merchandising.

Bounce rates

Cross Shopping & Flow

Get insights into customer patters in-store and between stores. This can be used to see how a customer moves through a large retail store, or can be used to identify patterns between separate stores.

For example, Blix Traffic can identify if the same customer has visited more than one of your locations, and the time between those visits.

Persistent Device (Staff) Counts

It is important to exclude staff and employees from customer counts so as not to make operational decisions based on inflated or incorrect data.

The Blix Traffic persistent devices algorithm is smart enough to know when behaviour is not consistent with a customer, but instead an employee, and thereby count that individual separately.

Persistent devices

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