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Footfall data & analytics

Use comprehensive real-time footfall insights and make the most of your in-store traffic to increase conversion rates

Benefits of Footfall Data & Analytics

Utilising real-time footfall data analytics allows you to make definitive business critical decisions. Whether they are operational or strategiec decisions, you can feel comfortable knowing that the decisions were made based on in-store data. From the information you can drive improved conversion rates, optimise staffing and improve merchandising and store displays.

Here is a quick overview of some of the key benefits.

Gain deeper business insights with footfall data analytics

Gain deeper business insights

Review changes in sales volumes and the consequences of fluctuating footfall levels by analysing footfall data on a regular basis. Ensure that any change in footfall volume is not a sudden change but something that your business has anticipated in advance and prepared for. By being able to see these changes preemptively, you can adjust staffing based on the in-store volume, as well as optimising store hours and product structures.

Monitor campaign success with footfall data analytics

Monitor campaign success

Measure your in-store foot-traffic flow and discover how effective a specific marketing campaign was for your business. Was the uplift in sales a direct link to higher traffic within the store or improved conversion rates? Was the budget allocated to the campaign adequate? Having the ability to look before, during and after campaigns will provide your business with a clearer picture of what works for your audience. It also offers easy comparisons with past and present campaigns.

Improve customer engagement with footfall data and analytics

Improve customer engagement

Being able to analyse footfall data and conversion rates gives you a clear overview on how your staff is performing when it comes to engaging visitors and converting them to customers. You can segment your store performance by hour, day or week and holistically identify areas of improvement across those key metrics. By further analysing customer dwell time and bounce rates, footfall data analytics can provide insight into customer experience and sales training.

Enhance sales productivity with footfall data analytics

Enhance sales productivity

Footfall data and analytics gives you the ability to enhance business sales productivity in a number of ways. One of the more common issues within a retail store is the affordability of staffing and if it begins to outweigh the turnover within a specific period. What footfall data and analytics does is identify when you can reduce staff overheads and generate strong turnover. Another benefit to enhance sales productivity is to track in-store traffic patterns and anticipate where key selling points/products need to be situated in order for your business to make the most of the incoming traffic.

How WiFi footfall data & analytics works

Blix Traffic uses smartphone Wifi signals to measure footfall and provide detailed analytics via a web-based user interface. The Wifi network detects Wifi enabled smartphones within range, transmitting the anonymous data to the cloud. This data is then run through a series of algorithms in order to calculate the footfall analytics.


This results in very rich footfall analytics based on smartphone data such as:

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How is footfall analytics used?

There are many uses for footfall analytics, such as: