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Blix Traffic customer experience and foot traffic data

More than a simple count

Blix Traffic differs from standard people counters in two main ways. Firstly, Blix measures spaces, not doors; and secondly, Blix measures smartphones not shadows. This results in far more accurate insight into how customers interact with your staff and business. Read on to learn more about the data Blix Traffic provides.

How does Blix compare?

Blix is the market leader in smartphone tracking and the launch of Blix AI has increased our device fingerprinting rate to 100%, which makes the Blix solution the most accurate of it's kind on the market. The table below highlights how Blix stacks up against our major competitors.

  Blix Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3 Competitor 4 Competitor 5
  AI-powered smartphone tracking RF / Cellular / WiFi Bluetooth Camera people counter Thermal people counter Laser people counter
Device fingerprinting rate 100% 30-60% 10%      
Accurate people counting ✓✓ (less than 10% detection rate) ✓✓ ✓✓
Sales conversion  
Passing traffic counts ✓✓        
Shopfront conversion ✓✓        
Customer dwell times ✓✓        
Customer bounce rates          
New vs returning customers ✓✓      
Automated staff removal        
Event / pop-up tracking        
Heat mapping  
Measurement range Up to 1,000m2 Up to 200m2 Up to 100m2 3-4m 3-4m 8m

Camera and thermal people counters can provide heat maps, however this requires units to be installed throughout the store (as each unit can measure approximately 12m2 where installed at a ceiling height of 4m). Heat mapping with smartphone tracking requires a minimum of 4 sensors.

Outside traffic

Blix Traffic sensors are powerful. A single sensor will comfortably measure a 1,000m2 space and will still be able to measure the customer traffic passing outside your store or dealership. This data enables you to understand how busy the shopping centre or street is and is invaluable when it comes time to negotiate leases or work out how effective signage, windows or visual merchandising is at drawing in the passing customer traffic. 

illust__heroOutside foot traffic
Sales conversion optimisation for bricks and mortar retailers

Customers & unique customers

As Blix Traffic measures smartphones and no two smartphones are the same. Blix can not only count the number of customers who enter your retail store or showroom, but can also provide the unique customer count. If a customer visits your location on a Monday and returns on Friday, this customers is counted as two visits, but one unique visitor.

Customer dwell times

Blix Traffic measures exactly how long every smartphone spends inside your locations. Customer dwell time is hugely important to understand how well your staff are following their sales training and what level of customer experience is being delivered. Blix Traffic data has proven that dwell time directly correlates to transaction size and gross margin (see our white paper for the automotive industry, The Economics of Good Service).

Count customers and dwell time in retail stores

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Foot traffic data to identify missed sales opportunities

Missed sales opportunities

Unlike traditional door counters or people counters, Blix Traffic is able to identify when a customer has entered your store or dealership, and promptly turns around and leaves almost immediately. The money has been spent to get traffic in your store, only to miss a sale opportunity. This data helps you to identify if the problem is staff related (ie. staff schedules, training or engagement) or operational (ie. stock, product, pricing etc.).



Blix Traffic is able to provide customer cross-shopping data due to our unique method of detecting individual smartphones. This enables you to identify shopping patterns between stores or dealerships and will highlight if issues such as sales training or product availability are causing customers to visit more than one of your locations. It's also a great way to evaluate whether opening another store nearby will cannibalise an existing one.

Customer cross-shopping foot traffic data
Customer loyalty measured by Blix Traffic foot traffic analytics

Customer loyalty

Getting accurate counts on the number of customers that frequent your business is critical to success. Blix Traffic takes it further and measures whether customers return, how many times they return and the time between visits. Customer loyalty data enables you to compare different stores, shopping centres, measure the effectiveness of your sales team follow up, CRM communications and customer loyalty program.

What's the cost?

Blix Traffic is a fully managed service. One low monthly fee covers the hardware, data and service.



Blix Traffic footfall analytics pricing

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