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Does your visitor centre actually
attract tourists?

Get a more indepth understanding of your visitor centre
by analysing the visitor flow to different attractions.

Do you understand how road travellers differ
from air travellers?

Benchmark tourists by their point of arrival and departure
to single out your best visitor segment.

Is there an optimal pattern for tourists
to experience your attractions?

Improve the visitor experience by examining visitor flows
and observing the different ways visitors travel.

Do events attract leisure travellers?

Keep a check on the numbers events attract,
from where, and what dispersion events create.

Blix Traffic provides independent visitor data for
tourism attractions and opens a window into visitor
engagement and behaviour

Leading tourism bodies and attractions are using Blix Traffic to improve visitor engagement
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Visitor Flow

Keep track of visitors - where they arrive, where they go,
how long they stay and where they leave.


Visitor Centres

Visitor Information Centre visitors typically spend more and stay longer.


Live Map

Real-time visitor information across all locations.


New vs Returning Visitors

Now you can see what percentage of visitors return, and how often.


Blix Traffic for you

Select your job role:


Blix Traffic provides the CEO of a Tourism Body (National, State, Regional or Local) the ability to understand much more about what is driving visitation to the area, as well as what tourists do when they arrive.
  • Benchmark and measure all divisions of the business on a single system, in real-time
  • Ensure accountability across the entire business, including media, advertising, marketing and visitor centres
  • Gather accurate visitor information to understand the overall effectivness of meeting KPI's around visitation and visitor spend
  • Understand which campaigns and events are driving the most positive ROI


Blix Traffic provides a CFO with the ability to hold all divisions of the business accountable whilst also maximising ROI across all budgets and departments.
  • Use independent numbers on visitation and conversions to hold both Marketing and Media accountable
  • View centralised, real-time reporting for the entire business
  • Quickly identify areas of underperformance
  • Identify leases or locations which should be renegotiated and use hard data for this process

Tourism Office & Visitor Centre

Blix Traffic provides a Tourism Office or Visitor Centre with the ability to monitor all customer engagements as well as the impcat of location marketing.
  • Benchmark and monitor staff engagement with tourists
  • Measure whether tourist visits to the Tourism Office impact visitation to other attractions
  • Identify when a Visitor Centre may be understaffed
  • Rank and measure staff and Tourism Offices quickly and easily

Marketing Director

Blix Traffic provides a Marketing Director with the ability to understand the cause and effect of marketing campaigns and media budgets and how they relate to vistior engagement patterns.
  • Understand how visitor numbers to regions or specific tourist attractions respond to advertising
  • Measure which marketing campaigns change trends in visitor flows between attractions
  • Identify which marketing campaigns deliver the highest value customers to the region or attraction (i.e. those people that stay longest)
  • See the direct impact of visitation to Tourism Offices or Visitor Centres

Executive Director Events

Blix Traffic provides an Executive Director of Events with the ability to understand visitor engagement and patters on a very large sample size to make informed decisions on which projects are driving the best ROI for the area.
  • Gain independent data to verify event attendance as well as visitor engagement
  • Know where visitors went before and after each event, as well as how long they stayed
  • Measure and compare all events to quickly know which are driving the best outcomes
  • Evaluate event marketing and see direct cause and effect to increase future ROI

Executive Director Infrastructure & Investment

Blix Traffic provides an Executive Director of Infrastructure & Investment with the ability to understand macro (as well as micro) visitation patters and how they are influenced by major new initiatives.
  • Measure the impact of tour operators (eg. cruise ships) and their impact on visitor flows and dispersion
  • Uncover the impact of investment in regional areas and
    developmental projects
  • Monitor new infrastructure projects and their impacts on customer engagement and flow in real-time, across a huge dataset (approx 70-80% of all visitors)

Tourism Business Operator

Blix Traffic provides a Tourism Business Operator with the ability to understand far more about who visits their business as well as what happens before and after they do so.
  • Know which other attractions are driving visitors to your business, and where they go next
  • See how marketing effects visitor numbers
  • Understand your customers better, including repeat visitation, loyalty, and average visit duration
  • Measure the impact of loyalty programs and other marketing initiatives

"The Blix team have provided exceptional service and guidance when using the Blix Traffic platform. The reporting and insights from the system have proven interesting and helped the TNT team understand visitor flow throughout the territory and surrounding areas."

Adam Coward, Executive Director of Marketing & Communications
Tourism Northern Territory

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