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Is your marketing driving high value
customers into stores?

Your marketing may have increased foot traffic, but are your
prospects staying longer and spending more?

Are your staff levels linked with
actual in-store foot traffic?

Sales conversions increase when staff rosters are
aligned with foot traffic instead of sales.

Do you have all the insights you
need when negotiating leases?

Now you can monitor passing traffic before signing
a lease for a new location.

Is your highest grossing store also
number one for engaging and
converting customers?

Benchmark your retail locations by performance
metrics and find new opportunities for improvments.

Blix Traffic gives you walk-in and customer engagement numbers meaning you can
assess performance indicators accurately

"Blix Traffic has provided us with an independent measurement of store traffic and visitor flow, allowing us a far greater amount of information on customer journey and experience than we have had before."

Tim Schaffsma, General Manager, Freedom Furniture

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Rank stores on KPIs

By ranking your retail outlets with clear metrics, you'll quickly
recognise your best performers.


Demand driven staff scheduling

You can now ensure workforce management optimises
for maximum sales performance.


Cross Shopping

Identify cross shopping trends to unearth customer
experience improvements.


Blix Traffic for you

Select your job role:


Blix enables a CEO to access critical information quicklly and easily - and most importantly - information that holds the entire organisation accountable.
  • Monitor business KPI's easily, quickly and in real-time
  • Access detailed reports of retail network performance from anywhere
  • Predict your sales results based on walk-in traffic
  • Pinpoint the real causes of underperformance 


Blix provides a CFO with independent performance metrics to monitor company performance, especially in areas that historically have been hard to measure and hold accountable.
  • Identify underperforming stores quickly and in real-time
  • Hold marketing, media & sales more accountable
  • Negotiate leases based on actual traffic/opportunity
  • Optimise workforce operations to achieve business targets


Blix provides a Sales Manager with independent performance metrics across an entire sales network to easily identify top performers and where training/support is required.
  • Get real-time metrics on sales conversion issues (or marketing underperformance)
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of sales training
  • Understand when best to use sales incentives
  • Rank stores on relevant, independent numbers


Blix provides a Marketing Manager with a true measure of marketing success and identifies campaign performance or sales conversion issues - in real-time.
  • Get real-time information on marketing performance (or sales underperformance)
  • Pinpoint accurate figures on driving customers into stores
  • Identify if you are attracting high value customers who return often and spend more
  • Evaluate if loyalty programs change customer behaviour


Blix provides an Operations Manager with the ability to 'see inside' every store to optimise performance as well as identify leasing and location issues.
  • Optimise your workforce based on true demand - customer traffic (not just point of sale data)
  • Know how valuable a site is based on outside traffic for lease negotiations
  • Get staff levels right for increasing conversions in every shift
  • Rank and measure stores accurately on KPI's

Area Manager

Blix provides an Area Manager with the ability to know exactly where his/her focus should be - which stores are underperforming in terms of simple, easy-to-understand metrics.
  • Use Blix Traffic metrics day-to-day for store performance monitoring and improvement
  • Focus on stores with conversion issues, not simply lower sales
  • Rank and performance manage stores on critical KPI's
  • Identify whether there is a sales or marketing issue causing low sales conversion

Store Manager

Blix provides a Store Manager with tangible metrics for day-to-day improvement with staff.
  • Monitor store conversion rates day-by-day
  • Measure the most critical KPI's for staff such as average customer engagement time
  • Measure window display conversion
  • Optimise local area marketing based on easy to monitor results

Blix TV

Is your latest TV campaign driving high value visitors into the region?

Are you really in control your TV spend if you don't have this information?

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Blix intelligence

Do you know how your media aligns with visitor metrics?

Get a line-by-line analysis of your marketing data as it relates to visitation.

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Leading retailers worldwide are already using Blix Traffic to impact their bottom line
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