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Does your display village layout
effect the volume of leads?

To identify top conversion rates, you can now
check visitor flow through your display village.

Has your new marketing campaign
delivered more prospects to your
sales offices?

Blix Traffic gives you an index of walk-ins for
your display homes and sales offices.

Which salespeople are best at
converting walk-ins to buyers?

Blix Traffic allows you benchmark your display homes and
sales offices to identify your best sales staff.

Which show homes stimulate the
most interest from prospects?

Understand how each of your show homes
engages visitors and drive conversions.

Blix Traffic gives you customer walk-in data meaning peformance is assessed on independent numbers.

Leading property companies are using Blix Traffic to improve their bottom line
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Visitor Flow

Understand how prospects flow through your display homes and villages.


Sales Office

Ensure your sales team is converting optimally.


Rank your display village on key
performance metrics

Benchmark your display village staff for conversion performance.


New vs Returning Visitors

Detailed prospect visitation and engagement metrics will align to sales.


Blix Traffic for you

Select your job role:


Blix Traffic provides a CEO with the ability to quickly and easily access performance metrics for all divisions of the company, ensuring accountability and positive ROI.
  • Monitor business KPI's easily, quickly and in real-time
  • Access detailed reports of sales and marketing performance from anywhere
  • Predict your sales results based on walk-in traffic
  • Pinpoint the real causes of underperformance


Blix Traffic provides a CFO with the ability to ensure accountability across all divisions of the business, particularly media, marketing and sales.
  • Use independent metrics across the organisation to increase accountability
  • Measure ROI across marketing, media and sales budgets easily, quickly and in real-time
  • Quickly identify underperformance
  • Analyse a centralised reporting system in real-time

Sales Director

Blix Traffic provides a Sales Manager with independent performance metrics across an entire sales network to easily identify top performers and where training/support is required.
  • Get up-to-the-minute numbers on sales office/display home walk-ins
  • Get real-time metrics on sales conversion issues (or marketing underperformance)
  • Identify your best converting sales reps and the ones that need training
  • Rank sales offices and sales people on relevant, independently measured KPI's

Marketing Director

Blix Traffic provides a Marketing Manager with a true measure of marketing success and identifies campaign performance or sales conversion issues - in real-time.
  • Get real-time information on marketing performance (or sales underperformance)
  • Establish which marketing activities boost foot traffic numbers the most
  • Measure effectiveness of local area marketing and events at driving prospects into sales offices
  • Understand how customer engage with sales displays and marketing collateral

Marketing Coordinator

Blix Traffic provides a Marketing Coordinator with the ability to measure the real impact of marketing activities at driving leads to the sales team.
  • Constantly monitor source of acquisition for foot traffic and decide which media produces the most leads
  • Measure local area marketing activities and their impact on leads
  • Understand customer engagement and repeat visitation patterns to fine tune marketing efforts
  • Export reports for management in seconds - no more building in Excel

Community Events Coordinator

Blix Traffic provides a Community Events Coordinator with the ability to measure true cause and effect for all activiations.
  • Find out how many people attend community events and what percentage visit the Sales office
  • Determine if events are attracting new prospective buyers vs. local residents
  • Measure the attendance of events, as well as the engagement of attendees

“Blix Traffic has given us new information about our customers and how they interact with our sales offices and display villages, we use this trend information to both support the growth of our business and assist in the analysis of our marketing programs."

Tony Carr, Deputy Managing Director, Satterley Property Group


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