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Do you know the ROI of your
event or sponsorship?

Get visitation numbers for all events and build
an accurate ROI for each.

Do event visitors engage
with your brand?

Monitor event visitors to see how many
become customers.

Do events have any posisitve impact
on your brand long-term?

Monitor over time how many event attendees
are attracted to your business.

Blix Traffic provides third party visitor and engagement data for events to give you an exact ROI.

Leading brands are using Blix Traffic to measure sponsorships and events around the world
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ROI Reporting

Produce reports on accurate attendee numbers to
calculate the long-term value of your event.


Event benchmarking

Compare events to learn what it is that makes them fly.


Long Term Value

Measure sales carefully so you can identify the long
term brand value of your events.


Read how Jeep has successfully accomplished the impossible, measuring the ROI of an event, with the help of Blix Traffic.

 Read Full Case Study 

Blix TV

Is your latest TV campaign driving high value visitors into the region?

Are you really in control your TV spend if you don't have this information?

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Blix intelligence

Do you know how your media aligns with visitor metrics?

Get a line-by-line analysis of your marketing data as it relates to visitation.

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