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Are your branches in the best locations?

Compare walk-by numbers with in-branch conversions to
understand location performance and opportunities.

Do your customers visit more
than one branch?

Monitor visitor flow to understand customer
visitation habits

Are customers bouncing out due
to understaffing?

To ensure peak visitation conversions,
optimise branch staff numbers - hour by hour.

Do you have all the hard data you
need for successfully negotiating leases?

Get location walkby and visitation numbers
before you sign a lease.

Blix Traffic gives you third party walk-in data for branch networks so you can optimise customer experience, staffing and leasing costs.

Leading brands are using Blix Traffic to increase their bottom line
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Rank branches on KPIs

By ranking branches on precise metrics, you can
immediately identify the top performers


Demand driven staff scheduling

Ensure that staff numbers for every shift are just right for
the best possible customer service


Cross Shopping

Improve the customer experience by understanding
visitation trends within your network


Blix Traffic for you

Select your job role:

Head of Retail

Blix Traffic provides the Head of Retail with the ability to measure, rank and monitor the entire retail network via an independent and centralised system, in real-time.
  • Rank the entire retail network on KPI's that matter to your business
  • Use independent metrics to measure the performance of every retail branch and identify issues
  • Understand which branches are truly the best performers based on sales conversions, not just revenue
  • Identify which branches need to be moved or reconfigured

Sales & Distribution

Blix Traffic provides the Sales & Distribution team with the ability to see what's happening within branches quickly, easily and in real-time.
  • Identify specific customer conversion issues
  • Understand when sales incentives work best
  • Rank branches on key operational metrics
  • Identify where training is required and measure it's impact


Blix Traffic provides the Marketing Team with the ability to understand critical customer metrics for continual improvement.
  • Evaluate loyalty programs and how they impact customer behaviour
  • Measure how effectively marketing campaigns are driving customers (new or existing) into branches
  • Analyse the impact of in-branch marketing activities in real-time
  • Determine how events and sponsorships impact customer engagement

Process Improvement & Optimisation

Blix Traffic provides Process Improvement with the ability to measure the impact of all new initiatives on customer engagement and conversion rates.
  • Increase conversions by optimising staffing levels based on actual customer demand
  • Rank branches by measuring key KPIs
  • Measure how in-branch initiatives effect wait times and customer behaviour patterns
  • Optimse the in-branch experience using independent, real-time data


Blix Traffic provides the Strategy Team with the ability to measure the impact of all new projects across the branch network.
  • Know the impact of new strategies quickly and easily
  • Identify in real-time which strategies are working, and which aren't for the ability to pivot quickly
  • Understand how new projects impact not only customers, but also staff engagement
  • Use independent and unbiased data from a small selection fo branches to formulate and test new strategies before rolling out across an entire business

"Blix Traffic and Intelligence has provided our client with an independent measurement of traffic and sales conversions. This coupled with the live media attribution has made their media and ATL investment more accountable. Having a holistic view on sales data, lead volumes, foot traffic data, web analytics and paid media placements, all in one place, arms us with the data we need to add further value & insight for our clients business."

 Dan O'Brien, Group Account Director, Frontier Group

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Get a line-by-line analysis of your marketing data as it relates to customer behaviour.

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