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Does buyer visit duration influence
dealership profit?

Blix Traffic shows how your bottom line is
impacted by customer visit patterns.

Are your dealerships converting
sales efficiently?

Dealerships typically report their own walk-in traffic and
conversion rates of 4:1. Blix can uncover the real numbers.

Is dealership underperformance due to
low sales conversions or inneffective advertising?

Blix Traffic quickly identifies if poor results are the
result of marketing or sales under performance.

Are you offering sales incentives
when you don't need to?

Understand the real conversion rates in your dealerships
to get the most from your incentive program.

If walk-in numbers look healthy,
then where exactly is the problem?

Blix Traffic gives an independent count on
walk-ins and an exact figure on conversions.

Blix Traffic gives you third-party data on dealer
network walk-ins, meaning dealer assessment is
based on actual numbers.

Leading automotive brands across the world already use Blix Traffic
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Rank your dealers on key
performance metrics

Identify which dealerships have the best walk-in to sale ratios
and benchmark based on visit durations and bouce rates.


View pump in and pump out reports

Monitor where your prospects go before visiting your
dealership and which dealer they go to next.


How long does it take to close a deal?

Measure how many times a customer visits a dealership
and in what timeframe.


Do sales people spend time with prospects to
build rapport and create value?

The average visit duration of customers is a key indicator
to dealership sales performance and gross profit.


Blix Traffic for you

Select your job role:


Blix provides a CEO with ability to monitor dealer network performance, marketing results and sales effectiveness very easily - in real-time.
  • Predict your sales results early in the month based on walk-in traffic
  • Pinpoint the real causes of underperformance
  • Hold performance conversations (based on independent data) with all parts of the business
  • Have one centralised system for company wide performance evaluation


Blix provides a CFO with the independent performance data across marketing, sales, dealer development and more, to increase accountability and ROI across the entire business.
  • Get a true measure of marketing and media performance to increase ROI and accountability
  • Monitor conversion rates achieved by sales
  • Evaluate budgets and ROI across various departments
  • Benchmark KPI's over time for continual improvement

Sales Director

Blix provides a Sales Director with a true measure of in-dealership and sales network performance, as well as independent metrics on marketing effectiveness at driving dealership walk-ins.
  • Forecast sales results early based on true walk-in numbers
  • Identify underperforming dealerships based on conversion and staffing issues
  • See clearly the role of sales incentives in engaging the sales team
  • Benchmark your retail network by region or nationally to identify the underlying metrics behind sales performance
  • Hold marketing accountable to actual results

Marketing Director

Blix provides a Marketing Director with a true measure of marketing performance as well as the ability to measure media and sales funnel metrics for campaign optimisation.
  • Measure the effect of your marketing and advertising across the network, or dealer by dealer
  • Map and understand customer behaviour patterns
  • Understand if marketing is driving high quality walk-ins into dealerships
  • Identify if underperformance is due to poor sales conversions

Dealer Development

Blix provides Dealer Development with an independent measure of market demand and sales performance to understand accurate dealership performance and enable accurate targets to be set.
  • Identify if dealer performance issues are due to poor location/demand or simply sales underperformance
  • Benchmark dealership performance by sales region or entire network
  • Isolate specific strengths and weaknesses of dealerships
  • Hold performance conversations with Dealers based on independent numbers

Regional Sales Manager

Blix provides a Regional Sales Manager with very tangible metrics to performance manage their Dealerships on a day-to-day basis.
  • Hold true 'performance conversations' with Dealers based on independent KPI's
  • Easy access to critical and real-time performance indicators for your region
  • Identify underperforming dealers by benchmarking visitor metrics
  • Provide dealership staff with practical KPI's around customer engagement to increase performance - day-to-day

Dealer Principal

Blix provides a Dealer Principal with real-time KPI's to monitor dealership performance on a day-to-day basis.
  • Monitor the performance of your dealership in real-time, from anywhere
  • Use walk-in numbers to predict monthly sales and know whether to increase/decrease marketing spend, or focus on sales conversions
  • Set sales conversion targets based on independent numbers
  • Measure the effect of your advertising and marketing
  • Hold staff accountable to simple KPI's around customer engagement and service

Dealership Sales Manager

Blix provides a Dealership Sales Manager with practical data to measure true performance and provide ongoing training to sales staff which can be monitored in real-time.
  • Identify the best opportunities for optimising conversion rates
  • Understand the benefits of a better engagement rate by sales staff
  • Ensure staffing levels are right for walk-in traffic - hour by hour
  • Train staff to Blix benchmarks to increase performance, making it easy for each person to monitor how they are tracking

"Blix Traffic provides powerful insights into marketing and sales performance within our dealerships and has resulted in increased sales across our network."

CEO, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles


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Is your latest TV campaign driving high value visitors into the region?

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