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Do you really understand
how staff numbers affect sales?

You are losing sales if you don't have a metric on exactly
what staff numbers give you the best return, hour by hour.

Does your advertising spend sway
store foot traffic or customer loyalty?

If you invest serious money driving traffic into store, you
need to know what happens when they get there.

Which of your retail stores rates
highest for customer bounce rate?

Blix Traffic enables you to rate your locations
from top to bottom based on true performance.

Does the time customers spend in
store relate to your revenue?

Blix Traffic clearly shows you the link between
profit and customer time in store.

How many of your customers shop
in more than one store?

Blix Traffic measures customer movement
both inside stores and between stores.

Blix Traffic gives you a new understanding of your sales performance as well as a deeper perspective on customer behaviour.

Leading companies around the world already using Blix Traffic
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How it Works

You'll be surprised how simple Blix Traffic is as it anonymously aggregates
critical shopper data. No opt-in and no hassles.

  •  Shoppers with smart phones

    All smart phones send out WiFi 'pings' as they search for networks to connect to.

  •  Blix Traffic partner retailer

    Blix Traffic securely collects those WiFi pings and starts recording vital and
    very usable details - all anonymously

  •  Blix Traffic analytics

    Blix Traffic gives you specific data on shopper numbers, visit duration, loyalty and cross shopping behaviour.

Blix Traffic for your industry

Blix Traffic provides untold value in all sectors. Isn't it time to find out about the measurable gains for your bottom line?



Identify if it is weak conversion rates or poor lead generation that is impacting dealer performance.

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Get critical store traffic metrics that seriously impact your bottom line. 

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See exactly how display home and sales office staffing affects conversions. 

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Metrics on your staffing and
advertising show you how they
impact your ROI.

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Get to know up-to-date traveller patterns and the effectiveness of visitor centres. 

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Check out the measurable impact of sponsorship and events on your retail network. 

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"Blix Traffic has provided us with an independent measurement of store traffic and visitor flow, allowing us a far greater amount of information on customer journey and experience than we have had before."

Tim Schaffsma, General Manager, Freedom Furniture

Find out how Blix Traffic will increase the accountability,
performance and bottom line of your business.

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