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Traffic features to increase sales conversion for retailers

It starts with measuring your missed opportunities

Blix Traffic is a powerful platform that pinpoints exactly where the missed opportunities are in your business and makes it easy for you and your team to make data-driven decisions that will increase sales conversion and revenue. What is a missed opportunity? It is every customer who enters your retail store and does not purchase. Until you can quantify your missed opportunities every hour, day and week, you can't improve performance.

Customer traffic

Blix Traffic is more than a simple people counter. Blix measures the buyer's journey and in-store customer experience which enables you to diagnose the actual cause of store performance issues. Blix Traffic provides rich customer experience data that enables accurate decision making far beyond simple door counts.

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illust__heroFoot traffic and customer experience analytics
Sales conversion optimisation for bricks and mortar retailers

Sales conversion

Improving sales starts with measuring conversion. Blix Traffic analyses conversion as it relates to customer experience, sales data, traffic trends inside and outside your locations and staff schedules. Our powerful conversion reporting identifies where the issues are and tracks changes over time for continual improvement.

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Reporting by industry

Blix Traffic provides reporting tailored to the retail and automotive industries. Through years of experience, our platform has developed to provide exactly what retailers and automotive brands and dealerships need to make fast and accurate decisions to improve conversion and sales.



Foot traffic analytics for retail and automotive
Foot traffic data to optimise staff schedules and performance

Staff schedules & performance

The single biggest impact on sales conversion is staff. While having the right number of staff working to service customer demand is critical, ensuring the right staff members are working at your busiest periods is just as important. Blix Traffic provides staffing reports that make it simple to continually improve staffing to increase conversion and sales.


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Customer experience

Customer experience is directly linked to sales conversion. Great customer experience nearly always results in sales and repeat sales! Unlike basic people counters, Blix Traffic provides actual customer experience data that identifies where your team are delivering and they're they're falling short.

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Customer experience analytics for retail stores
Sales reporting with people counts and customer experience data


Sales numbers are not a proxy for customer traffic and conversion. A brand with 100 stores will see conversion range from 10% to 40% between stores and even at the same store on different days. As a result, if you don't measure customer traffic, it's impossible to truly understand sales performance. Blix Traffic provides a comprehensive suite of sales reports to spot good and poor performance at a glance.

Windows & visual merchandising

The location of your business directly influences the customer traffic in and around your retail store. How do you know if your business is capturing more or less of the surrounding traffic? Blix Traffic measures people movements outside your business to identify how successful your signage, VM and windows are at drawing in passing traffic.

Window and visual merchandising measurement to increase peel off rate
People counting to measure marketing effectiveness

Marketing & media response

Media, events, sponsorships and other marketing activities are all designed to increase brand awareness, loyalty and ultimately drive traffic into your retail stores. Measuring customer traffic in your business provides an accurate indication of marketing effectiveness. Take it one step further with Blix Traffic and identify if you're increasing repeat customers and reducing their time between visits.

Plug 'n' play

Blix Traffic is a true plug 'n' play system and only requires that our installer plug the Blix Traffic sensor into a power outlet within your stores. There is no interruption to trading, no holes cut in your ceiling and no wiring. Blix doesn't use your internet as our sensors have their own 4G card and are remotely managed by our team so your IT department can rest easy!

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Install Blix location analytics with no interruption to store trading
Blix Traffic integrates sales, staffing and marketing data


Blix Traffic counts people inside and outside your store and measures customer experience. When you combine Blix Traffic data with sales, staffing, marketing, CRM, leads and other business data, the reporting becomes even more powerful and insightful.

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Real estate & leasing

Store locations heavily influence revenue and are often debated when a store is underperforming. Blix Traffic measures customer traffic outside your stores and the stores of our other customers. Blix is able to provide invaluable information about customer traffic in key retail locations to assist with your leasing decisions.

Foot traffic for leasing and real estate decisions
Automatic removal of staff from people counter data

Automatic staff removal

Regular people counters and door counters will count anyone that enters and exits your stores, including staff. This is the fastest way to have your team lose faith in the data. Blix Traffic automatically removes in-store staff, regional or area managers, delivery people and other regular store visitors from the counts to ensure you are never over-counting. 

What's the cost?

Blix Traffic is a fully managed service. One low monthly fee covers the hardware, data and service.



Blix Traffic footfall analytics pricing

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