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Door Counters

Blix Traffic is the next generation of door counter. Using a combination of WiFi and other counting technologies such as cameras or laser beams, Blix Traffic can deliver the most advanced people counting, customer experience and footfall analytrics on the market today.

Optimise Staffing

Optimise staff rosters based on customer demand to increase conversion rates and basket size.

The Blix Traffic Roster report makes it easy to identify staffing issues that are affecting customer experience, sales conversions and revenue.


Increase Revenue

Measure more than just a door count to maximise revenue by evaluating the impact of customer experience on sales.

Blix Traffic analyses point of sale data with door counts to provide insights into customer engagement and staff training to increase sales conversions and basket size.

Measure Customer Experience

The next generation door counter, Blix Traffic monitors customer movement, dwell times, bounce rates and loyalty for improved customer experience.

The Blix Traffic CX Engagement report highlights those stores delivering the best customer experience, those with rostering issues, the stores that require staff training and more.

Customer Experience

Marketing ROI

Measure how your marketing strategy impacts the buyer's journey for optimal ROI.

The Blix Traffic Buyer's Journey report (also known as the sales funnel) provides an overview of key media and marketing activities, and how they impact website traffic, customer traffic, conversion rates and revenue.


Blix's next generation door counting system is cost effective for any business


How it works

The Blix Traffic platform integrates data from door counters such as laser beams and cameras based counters and combines this with anonymous customer data from WiFi enabled smartphones. 

Some of the benefits of Blix Traffic include:

  • Integrates with any door counting systems
  • Combines door counter accuracy with rich customer experience data
  • Uses your existing WiFi network or Blix's Plug 'n Play system
  • Measures both in-store and passing traffic outside the store
  • Does not count staff
  • Integrates staffing, POS and marketing data
  • Cloud-based service with full remote support
  • Your own dedicated account manager
How it works

Door counting systems for any industry

Blix Traffic works across the following industries.

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