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Showroom walk-in traffic analytics

Comprehensive customer traffic analytics for automotive dealerships

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Showroom Traffic

Blix Traffic uses customer smartphone signals to measure walk-in traffic and time spent in dealerships to provide powerful insights into 'real' customer activity, not relying on manually inputted data by salespeople, reception or management.

Measure Dealership Performance

Gain a deeper understanding of how a dealership is performing on standard KPI’s by counting showroom traffic and measuring customer engagement.

Blix Traffic provides an independent measurement of showroom foot traffic, sales conversion ratios, customer dwell times, missed sales opportunities and walkin to DMS lead conversion.

Showroom traffic and people counting
Car dealership cross shopping

Analyse Sales & Cross Shopping

Blix Traffic can identify that customers have visited multiple showrooms and in which order.

Measure customer cross shopping between dealerships to see where your leads are going before and after visiting your dealership.

Customer Engagement

Blix Traffic measures how long customers spend in showrooms and correlates this data to CRM and sales data.

Evaluate the impact of client dwell times on sales and gross profit within dealerships. This enables benchmarks to be set to improve sales conversions and gross profit on all sales.

Dealership customer engagement
Repeat vs. Unique Customers

Repeat vs. Unique Customers

Blix Traffic will identify how many showroom visits are new vs returning customers. This data shows the number of repeat clients to showrooms, how many showrooms clients visit before purchasing, and the time between clients returning.

Use this information to evaluate sales team conversion rates, follow up activity, sales training and CRM behaviour.

Sales Training

Use simple KPI’s such as customer dwell times, repeat visitation, real visitor cross shopping, time between customer visits and conversion rates to train sales staff and drive continual improvement.

Blix Traffic can also identify where sales conversions are below KPI or benchmark and highlight lost sales commission and revenue to motivate sales activity.

Sales Training

Why is traffic measurement essential?

Blix Traffic is installed in thousands of dealerships and the data shows that less than 4% of car buyers visit more than a single dealership of the same brand. Maximising every customer walk-in is essential and can't be done without measurement. Learn more about why dealerships, dealer groups and OEM's are working with Blix.

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How it works

Blix Traffic was built for the automotive industry and the specific requirements of car dealerships. 

It operates by collecting anonymous customer data from WiFi enabled smartphones. This means any customer who has a smartphone and has WiFi turned 'on' will be counted.

Some of the automotive specific benefits of Blix Traffic include:

  • Ideal for dealerships no matter the size or number of entrances
  • Installation only takes 15 minutes
  • No dealership IT support is required
  • Uses your existing WiFi network on Blix's Plug and Play system
  • No mobile app download or customer opt-in is required
  • Integrates with CRM and sales data
  • Cloud-based service with full remote support
  • Your own dedicated account manager
How it works

Showroom Traffic

Discover the many reasons why measuring customer traffic in dealerships is essential.

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