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How is dealership traffic currently measured?

Getting an accurate, cost-effective measure of dealership walk-in traffic is very challenging. Typically, dealerships measure their own customer traffic, either by simply having the receptionist do it or by the number of leads entered into the CRM. Neither method is accurate, and neither method provides information of any value to the dealership, dealer group or OEM.

Why is it important to measure traffic in dealerships?

The way people buy cars today is completely different to a mere decade ago. Thanks to the internet, today's car buyer has done their homework before they set foot in a showroom. Often customers already know the model, variant, extras and price of the vehicle before talking to a salesperson. Blix data shows that less than 4% of customer visit more than one dealership of the same brand - this means customer service is critical. Measuring dealership foot traffic is the first step to delivering the best customer experience - every time.

Benefits to dealerships

Benefits to OEM's & dealer groups

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Built for car dealerships

Blix Traffic was originally designed for the Automotive industry. Our system is based on a plug 'n play model whereby a network of dealerships can be up and running in days.

Blix Traffic is ideal for auto dealers because:

  • Installed in less than 30 minutes and only requires electricity (no IT integration)
  • Typically only requires 1 - 2 devices to measure an entire dealership
  • Fully managed remotely to not interfere with dealership operations
  • Integrates vehicle sales, CRM and marketing data
  • Provides full sales funnel overview
  • We provide a dedicated, specialist Automotive account manager (with Auto sales experience)
  • Login to view traffic 24/7 or have automated reports
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