Cisco Meraki vs. Blix Traffic

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1. Measurement zone

Measure only your customers and your store

Set measurement zone specific to each of your retail stores and locations, not the entire range of the Meraki access point.

Don't do this...

By default, the Cisco Meraki access point will report all phones that come within range via CMX analytics. This means the numbers shown will include surrounding businesses and will be very inaccurate.

Don't do this...
Do this instead

Do this instead.

Blix Traffic will restrict the measurement zone to only count customers as people inside your store and people outside as walkbys.

This ensures you get accurate customer counts, and can evaluate shopping centre traffic, window display conversions and visual merchandising effectively.

What about staff?

Staff and other in-store Wifi devices need to be considered.

Don't overcount

Cisco Meraki measures all Wifi devices within range of the access point. This means that anyone, including staff and other Wifi devices used in-store will be counted on the CMX dashboard.

Correct count

Only count your customers

Blix Traffic is smarter. Blix identifies those people who work in-store, Wifi devices used in-store and even recognises those that visit from head office frequently and removes them from customer counts (we count them separately!).

2. Retail focused

Get smarter retail insights

With integrations for marketing, media, CRM, staff rosters and point of sale data, Blix Traffic will improve your bottom line.

Shopping centre traffic & window conversion

Understand how busy or quiet the shopping centre is, as well as the effectiveness of window displays at attracting customers.

UI: Window conversion
UI: Roster Overview

See where your opportunities are

Align staffing levels with customer demand to ensure you are never overstaffed, and have enough staff to maximise revenue during the busy times.

Get to the issues faster

Track KPI’s for all stores and quickly identify which have issues and require attention.

UI: Performance overview
UI: CX engagement

Monitor customer experience

Is customer experience important to your business? Measuring customer dwell time and bounce rates means you know what’s happening in every store, all the time.


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3. Retail specialists

We are about retail performance, not IT.

Cisco Meraki is world class when it comes to WiFi networks and IT, but not retail performance.

Retail operations support

Blix will work closely with your retail operations team to deliver improved bottom line results. We’ll stay out of the way of IT and let them manage the infrastructure.

Reporting for retailers

Cisco Meraki reporting is tailored for IT. Blix provides reporting tailored to CEO’s, Head of Retail Operations, Regional Managers, Store Managers and salespeople.

The perfect compliment to Cisco Meraki

Blix Traffic will maximise the ROI on your Cisco Meraki WiFi network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What reporting does Blix Traffic provide?

Blix has reports covering marketing, customer experience, real estate, staff rostering, sales conversions and more - all tailored to retailers.

How do I set up Blix Traffic?

Get in touch and we’ll provide you with an API URL. Simply insert this URL into your Cisco Meraki cloud interface and provide us with a list of your AP’s and their locations.

How does pricing work?

Blix Traffic’s pricing is based on the number of Meraki AP’s you have and want to use for measurement.

Does Blix Traffic integrate with point of sale?

Yes! Blix Traffic has a number of POS integrations, as well as marketing and media platforms, CRM, time in attendance, rostering and more.


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