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Why you should measure dealership foot traffic with WiFi analytics

Written by Tony Loxton
Sep 20

People don’t buy cars the way they used to. Less than a decade ago, a potential buyer could walk into your dealership without a clear idea of which car they planned to buy. They probably wouldn’t know much about each available car’s specs and capabilities, either. It would be up to the salesperson to educate and guide the buyer. Today, things are very different.

Modern buyers research vehicles and dealerships online before walking into a dealership

Thanks to the abundance of information freely available online in the form of blogs, articles, reviews, videos, and so on car buyers are more savvy than ever before. According to ACA Research, two thirds of Australian consumers spend upwards of six hours researching vehicles online before visiting a dealership. These buyers consult a range of online sources, including manufacturer, dealer, and independent automotive websites, as well as social media pages, YouTube videos, and so on. This means that, by the time a potential buyer walks into your dealership, they are so well educated and informed that they often already know which car they plan to buy.

It follows that getting buyers through the doors of your dealership requires implementing a digital marketing strategy geared towards capturing the interest of potential buyers as they research vehicles and dealerships online. That’s not all, however. Getting a clear idea of whether or not your online marketing efforts are actually working requires analysing what’s happening on the ground at your dealership too. Using a door counter to measure dealership foot traffic can help you do just that.

WiFi-based people counters that measure dealership foot traffic give you access to a wealth of valuable customer behaviour insights

WiFi-based people counters measure dealership foot traffic by tracking the anonymous ‘pings’ smartphones emit as they probe for available WiFi networks. In this way, they’re able to distinguish between staff members and customers, as well as first-time and repeat visitors. What’s more, they give dealerships access to a range of useful foot traffic analytics. You’re not only able to measure how many people visit your dealership each day, you’re also able to measure average dwell times (how long visitors tend to stick around), track bounce rates (how many visitors walk out shortly after arriving), and even map how visitors move around your dealership.

People counters help you gauge the success of marketing campaigns by measuring dealership foot traffic 

How do you know if your latest big marketing campaign is bringing more people through your dealership doors? One way is to use a foot traffic solution to track fluctuations in foot traffic to get an idea of whether or not a campaign is actually resulting in more visits to your dealership. 

Get an accurate idea of dealership sales conversion rates and customer experience 

You’ve worked hard to get potential buyers through your doors, but are your staff managing to convert visitors into buyers at an effective rate? Foot traffic solutions make it easy to calculate your dealership’s sales conversion rate by comparing your daily door count to your sales numbers. WiFi-based people counters also offer other useful insights into customer experience, such as your bounce rate. If customers are leaving your dealership soon after arriving, your staff aren’t doing enough to engage them. 

Compare your performance against other dealerships 

Installing WiFi-based people counters across a network of dealerships allows you to benchmark your performance against other branches. Compare foot traffic, dwell times, bounce rates, and sales conversion ratios to work out where your dealership is falling short. 

The better dealership staff understand the customer experience, the better equipped they are to sell effectively 

Dealerships can use the metrics offered by WiFi-based foot traffic solutions to deepen their understanding of customer behaviour. How many dealerships do buyers visit before making a purchase? How long do most buyers spend in your dealership before buying a car? Do buyers visit your dealership multiple times before finally signing on the dotted line? Foot traffic analytics answers all of these questions, providing your dealership staff with valuable customer experience insights that should inform and improve how they interact with customers. 

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