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Why Trump’s TV campaign could benefit from TV advertising analytics

Written by Brett Stephenson
Oct 20

With just under a month to go until US citizens decide the fate of their nation (and that of the free world), Republican candidate Trump has ramped up his efforts to win over as many voters as possible, unveiling his latest strategy in infamous swing states.

In a TV campaign that cost just over US $10 million – his biggest media spend yet – Trump’s latest scramble for attention paints the frontrunner as a savvy businessman who’s more than equipped to bolster the American economy should he win what’s arguably one of the most controversial elections in the history of the USA.

As The Donald’s penchant for dramatics loses it's efficacy in eliciting the support of as of yet undecided voters, his latest media strategy is a (thinly-veiled) attempt to reinvent his brand.

PR Web reports that Trump’s latest TV campaign is being flighted “in nine swing states, including Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia”. This latest strategic turn comes on the heels of several misogynistic tweets, as well as the revelation that the man who purports ‘do right by America’ intentionally avoided paying income tax on US$916 million. (Some conspiracy theorists are of the opinion that the Republican candidate masterminded the armed robbery of Kim Kardashian in an effort to draw attention away from the recent tax debacle.)

PR Web quotes TV ad executive Scott Kowalcheck: “Despite all the money Hillary Clinton’s camp has spent on TV ads, outspending Trump nine to one, the latest polls show that the margin between the candidates has narrowed. Now, the gap is small enough that national TV ads can make up the difference." Kowelcheck’s theory could be right on the money: in a TV-obsessed nation, television ads remain the most powerful means of advertising, so a couple of persuasive TV spots may very well be enough to place Trump in The White House.

While it’s a stretch to label The Donald’s latest tactic as intelligent, it has merit. The only thing missing, however, is a strategic means of monitoring whether or not his campaign is resulting in increased support.

Trump’s campaign managers may have had the foresight to roll out a toned-down, dare we say conservative version of the presidential nominee, but they’ve left out one very important piece of the puzzle: advertising analytics. US$10 million is far from chump change, and while your TV advertising budget is probably nowhere near this amount, any TV ad spend requires a substantial investment. Forking out a considerable amount of money, with no way to monitor its performance, is unwise.

Today’s voters – and your consumers – aren’t loyal to one channel and one channel only. Instead, they’re making use of multiple platforms to get their news, entertainment and interact with brands.

Thanks to our ‘always on’ culture, today’s consumers typically multi-task between screens, and notably, research brands (and potential political puppets) before making a purchase, or casting a vote. Linking your TV campaigns with your online presence is crucial.

TV advertising analytics bridge the gap between your television audience and their online activity. By monitoring your website traffic concurrently with your TV campaigns, TV advertising analytics allow you to gauge whether your ad spend is resulting in increased brand awareness by way of online visits. Trump’s camp could very easily have done this by providing a call to action in his latest TV ads, such as “Visit today to make America great again" (or some similar trite) and then monitoring cross-channel interaction via advertising analytics software. (That said, whether Trump’s latest TV campaign becomes the final nail in the coffin of the free world is an entirely different story; one that will hopefully be resigned to the history books as a stark warning of the dangers of egomania.)   

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