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Why data is your golden ticket to exceptional customer experience

Written by Tony Loxton
Mar 18

Big data is everywhere – you just need to know where to look. We like to think of this priceless information as a ‘golden ticket’.Once you’ve found it, you’re on your way to providing your customers with nothing short of a delightful experience.

Charlie Bucket – the hero in the much-loved Roald Dahl’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, happened upon a golden ticket – giving him access to the wondrous world of Willy Wonka, chocolatier extraordinaire. Thanks to his coveted golden ticket, Charlie was rewarded with the sugar-coated adventure of a lifetime. (Bear with me, we’ll get to the bit about data shortly.) So what exactly do Charlie and his golden ticket have to do with extraordinary customer experience?

By getting your hands on the retailer’s version of a golden ticket (data), you’ll be rewarded with the delighted customers.

If you thought that improved customer experience was kinda-sorta-I-guess important, listen up.

It costs a business roughly five to ten times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one, reports Hubspot – one of the world’s leading marketing automation providers. What’s more, existing customers spend 67% more than new ones do. In other words, giving your patrons a phenomenal, shout-it-from-the-rooftops customer experience is one of the most worthwhile endeavours your business undertakes.

Finding your equivalent of a golden ticket doesn’t have to be a treasure hunt of epic proportions that costs you an arm and a leg.

While Charlie’s lucky find was the result of spending his entire savings (50 pence to be exact), getting hold of invaluable data is considerably cheaper – and easier – than ever before. Your customers are already gifting you with a plethora of information that can be used to amplify their customer experience. From the way they interact with your brand on social media, online and in-store, to their past buying behaviour, demographic information, purchasing power and more, you have the data equivalent of Willy Wonka’s river of hot chocolate.

The first step in gathering data to better your customer’s experience is by using the information you already have on hand.

If you’re using a foot-traffic counter and a basic stock management system, for example, you’ll be able to see which stores perform best, when. By looking at the location of the stores in question, and which products sell best, when, you’ll be able to piece a picture together of how your customers interact with your brand. For example, if one store does well on the weekend after pay day, you might want to run a special on the items that tend to stay on the shelf. Because customers are already spending money in store, getting them to buy stock that’s historically overlooked is that much easier if you give your customers an incentive, like a discount or competition.

Coupling existing data with that gathered by loyalty programmes is a powerful way to deliver winning customer experience.

Strategically-implemented loyalty programmes, as well as in-store competitions and surveys, can collect a veritable treasure trove of data. That said, many retailers roll out loyalty programmes that may gather information, but fail to provide their members with any real value. If you want to make use of this data, and importantly, ensure that its relevant, actionable information, you need to reward your customers with a tangible benefit. This mutually-rewarding endeavour is an incredibly powerful way to improve the customer experience and your bottom line.

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