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[White Paper] Beyond the Door: A Deeper Understanding of Retail Performance


Written by Tony Loxton
Aug 17

Keeping track of customer data is more important than ever in today’s retail markets: competition is the highest it’s been, internet-savvy customers are increasingly non-receptive to sales and marketing efforts that aren’t personalised to their needs, and customer loyalty is harder and harder to earn. But it’s not all bad news. With the people counting technology available to retailers today, it’s possible to make more informed decisions about the way customers interact with your store on an individual level, and develop sales and marketing strategies to address these needs.

We’ve just published a white paper about the retail analytics technology available today, how it differs from traditional door counting technology, and how you can use it to drive improved performance at your store. Here’s what you can expect inside:

We’ve come a long way from simple door counting technology. Have you?

When you think of retail analytics, the first thing that comes to mind is likely the door counting technology we’ve been using for decades. Today’s people counting technology goes beyond simple door counts to provide end-to-end customer data based on the WiFi signals of their smartphones. With this data, it’s possible to measure not just when customers enter and exit your store, but how each individual customer engages with staff in your store, when they leave and how long it takes them to return.

There’s more to your customer traffic data than who walks through your door. Blix helps you uncover it.

Knowing how many customers enter and exit your store daily is useful, but it only gives you half the picture at best. For example, how does your store’s walk-in data compare with surrounding stores? Do your customers spend a long time in-store without purchasing, or do they make buying decisions quickly and leave with large baskets after short visits? Retailers have got used to using the blurry pictures painted by door counters as substitutes for real data, but relying on them means guesswork forms a significant part of your decision making. Blix’s retail analytics system makes it easy to understand the entirety of your customer’s buying process, both inside and outside your store. As you’ll see in our white paper, the additional data that Blix’s people counters provide can help you make more informed decisions about the performance of your stores. 

Our White Paper, like our people counting technology, is built on real data.

There’s no substitute for real, verifiable data. In addition to an overview of both traditional and modern people counting technology, our white paper includes a case study based on a solution we provided for one of our clients. With this, you’ll be able to see just how powerful a tool retail analytics can be when making key business decisions.

Like so many industries today, the companies that thrive in retail are those who realise the value in their customer data and use it to inform their sales and marketing strategies. If you’d like to know more about how Blix’s people counters can help your business stand out in today’s markets, download our free white paper here.

Download our retail white paper - Go Beyond the Door

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