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What you need to know about TV advertising analytics

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Written by Tony Loxton
Sep 4

If you’re of the opinion that TV advertising analytics only apply to ad execs, or your marketing agency, think again. The TV analytics tools available today offer rich, actionable data that benefit all involved, from your CMO and CFO (yes, even him), to your marketing team and investors. The reason? Simple: a smart TV advertising analytics tool gives all stakeholders instant access to a wealth of data. Marketing campaigns – TV in particular – require a substantial amount of capital, and their success or failure influences every single aspect of your business. If you want to ensure your campaigns are facilitating brand awareness, that your money is being well spent, and that you’re increasing your bottom line, you need to monitor and analyse your media performance.

Enter TV advertising analytics.

The analytics space traditionally reserved for online assets, like a website or social media strategy  now includes TV, which remains the most powerful advertising medium out there. Whether due to a fondness of the restorative effects of couch time, our ‘Netflix and chill’ culture, or the fact that TV ads are infamous for eliciting emotion (and as a result, action), consumers continue to pay attention to what’s on the box. If you want to leverage off of the golden opportunity a captive audience affords you, you need to pay attention to the metrics.

Blix TV is the media measurement equivalent of a FitBit: one tool to measure the most important data.

Blix TV, the FitBit of TV analytics if you will, is designed to extract every single byte of data about how your TV campaigns are faring. Constantly gauging your progress (whether you’re training for a marathon or implementing an advertising strategy) is crucial. Without any sense of your progress, reaching a goal (be it crossing a finish line or a decreased CPA) is almost impossible. By using TV advertising analytics to meticulously track and analyse your performance, you’re far better equipped to make strategic decisions that will best bolster your chances of success.

The purpose of Blix TV is simple, but its ramifications for business operations on the whole are myriad.

Thanks to the fact that there’s now one tool to measure and access all TV analytics data (at the click of a button, no less), all role-players are gifted with a data-driven, and transparent view of how each TV campaign is faring, and importantly, how this impacts their day-to-day operations. While Blix TV presents almost endless possibilities for streamlining and optimising all aspects of your marketing endeavours, making use of it is easy. Once a TV campaign time-schedule is loaded into the software, it’ll set about measuring if, and when, your web or call centre traffic spikes as a result. This enables you to identify which time slots and creative generate the most traffic, and those that are less effective. If you’re armed with data like this, you’ll be able to make better informed decisions about allocating resources to your marketing department or agency, whether they’re meeting expectations, deeper insight into your target market, and more.

As ‘second-screening’ (the practise of accessing content via two devices, like a TV and a mobile or laptop) becomes more common, it’s imperative that you’re analysing the relationship between your above the line media and online campaigns. Blix is changing the game of media analytics. Make sure you’re ahead of the curve. Find out more about Blix TV advertising analytics here.


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