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What marketers can learn about brand messaging from Donald Trump

Written by Tony Loxton
Aug 29

Donald Trump: a name that’s divided the US – and the world. As we watch with bated breath as to whether Trump will win the most coveted job title in The White House, we thought it might be useful to explore why (and how) Trump has beaten the odds and made it this far.

Whether you’re a fan or a detractor, there are no two ways about it: Trump is the personification of a charismatic brand. Regardless of where you stand on the Clinton vs Trump debate, the Republican front runner knows a thing or two about getting the attention of millions. Here are some brand messaging tips that you can learn from his approach:

Trump is a master orator  

While his views are questionable at the best of times, if there’s one thing Trump excels at it’s commanding the attention of a crowd. He knows his audience, and his brand messaging speaks to them in their language, opting for simplistic explanations and emphasising the fact that he shares their concerns. His confidence is unwavering (despite countless detractors who are incredibly vocal about their disapproval). In short, he stands up for what he believes in – hairpiece intact – and conveys his belief in a way that resonates with his supporters. When it comes to the way you approach your marketing, take a leaf out of his play book, because if there’s one thing that consumers appreciate, it’s authenticity.  

Trump is the poster child for enthusiasm

Donald Trump’s speeches may be riddled with inaccuracies (more often than not, at least), but what the Donald lacks in accuracy, he more than makes up for with passion. Trump’s infectious (to his followers, at least) enthusiasm is testament to the power of unbridled zeal. The lesson? Half-hearted marketing messages or pitches don’t cut it; instead, your level of enthusiasm needs to be ‘Trumpworthy’. After all, if you want your customers to love your brand, you have to lead by example with your brand messaging.

Trump knows the importance of differentiation

Trump’s strategy of distancing himself from Washington and purposefully positioning himself as an outsider may be unusual, but it’s effective. By differentiating himself from the run-of-the-mill politician (if there is such a thing), he’s managed to earn the trust of millions of middle-class Americans – the very people known for their political apathy. Like Trump, the way you differentiate your brand needs to be strategic and noticeable – even if it goes against the grain of the industry norm. Finding your niche, and then claiming it, goes a long way in cultivating the kind of brand messaging that attracts likeminded customers, and succeeds as a result.

Trump knows what his supporters want, and then gives it to them

If there’s one thing Donald Trump should be commended for, it’s his ability to appeal to the portion of the American population who can swing the vote. He knows when to wax lyrical about the current legislation's shortcomings, and when to harp on about how he plans to breathe life into America’s ability to be ‘great’. In short, he knows exactly what makes brand messaging effective. He knows how strongly US citizens feel about terrorism, for example, and then uses that energy to galvanise his cause. And in a market where consumers hold the reins, you can’t afford to be ignorant of their wants and needs. Painting a crystal clear picture of your consumers is crucial and has to be approached with as much fervour as Trump’s bid for the Oval Office.

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