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What is TV advertising CPA and do you know how to lower it?

Written by Brett Stephenson
Apr 12

If you’re involved in the world of marketing, you’ve probably realised the benefits of CPA. CPA is an advertising model where publishers are paid for an action that is taken as a direct result of their marketing – this could be a sales transaction, a customer acquisition, or a click. That means advertisers are only paying for actual responses to their ads.  

It’s essential for marketers to know the CPA for all of their marketing channels. If you know which channels have the lowest CPA, you know where you should be investing your marketing spend. The more you can allocate your marketing budget into lower CPA channels, the more customers you can obtain for a fixed budget amount.

It’s important to know when consumers are interacting with your brand

Measuring advertising’s direct return on investment is a lot easier with digital than it is with traditional – since offline media is a one-way communication channel. If someone watches your TV commercial, how can you capture that relationship, so that you know that the TV ad drove that lead? TV viewers don't have a chance to interact with the media that they are being exposed to. They are only able to consume it. This makes it very hard to establish the direct link between what the consumer sees and the exact moments that they interact with your brand. If you want to measure your CPA in TV advertising, here are the key metrics to consider:

  • Increase in direct traffic
  • Share of direct traffic
  • Increase in SEO traffic especially through the brand keywords
  • Email subscriptions
  • Lowered bounce rates
  • Increased responses from Facebook page
  • Increased product searches
  • Increased CTR’s of online ads
  • Increased conversions from online advertising etc.

Blix changes the way you understand and measure your TV advertising

In this digital age, there’s no reason to be left in the dark when it comes to your TV advertising ROI. At Blix, we analyse and track your TV media against your website analytics and call centre activity to determine the actual impact of your advertisements on your target audience. You are therefore able to process the actions taken by a consumer as a direct result of your advertisements. So instead of measuring your TV advertising the traditional way, you can now measure your TV advertising on customer response. Blix TV can also measure sales if your company has an ecommerce website. Once your ad is flighted, you can measure the volume of your website traffic, number of sales made on your website and call centre activity.

You’ll end up with metrics that are based on hard data that indicate: TV ad performance by channel, the time of day your ads elicit the best response, the best performing creative, as well as the creative that’s falling flat. Having this information at your fingertips will allow you to understand your advertising analytics better, develop more targeted campaign strategies and essentially lower your CPA. By correlating your TV campaign performance with your website interactions or call centre data, you’re gifted with a comprehensive and holistic view of your TV advertising spend versus audience response. Want to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about Blix TV.

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