Webinar Video: Blix Australian Automotive Industry Update July 2018

Blix Auto Industry Update Webinar July2FAug 2018

Written by Brett Stephenson
Aug 30

With over 700 dealerships across 12 brands, Blix is the global leader in automotive showroom traffic measurement. Our Automotive Traffic platform is used by both OEMs and Dealer Groups in more than 9 countries. Owned and built in Australia, Blix Traffic has more than 4 years history on the Australian automotive market.

Blix webinars provide benchmarking data across all brands it services. In case you missed it, check out the Australian Automotive Industry Update. Where Brett Stephenson, Director of Business Consulting at Blix discusses showroom traffic throughout the end of the financial year. This insightful session sheds light on the year to date traffic for the tail end of the EOFY campaign period, and what this means to the Automotive Industry. 

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