Foot Traffic Analytics

Using foot traffic software to track new vs. repeat customers

Written by Tony Loxton
Nov 3

Is your retail store capitalising on valuable foot traffic analytics to improve customer experience and increase profit? If you're investing vast sums of money getting customers through the door, you should have foot traffic software providing you with an in-depth understanding of the link between sales performance and customer behaviour. Typical people counters can't provide insightful customer metrics on the amount of time people linger outside display windows, the nature of their browsing habits or how the staff to customer ratios affects sales. With Blix Traffic, you’ll have access to valuable real-time foot traffic data you can use to better your business.

Using Wi-Fi technology, Blix Traffic provides you with rich customer engagement data in real-time via the cloud or PDF reports so you can rank stores on KPIs, ensure management optimises staffing schedules for maximum sales performance and identify cross shopping trends to improve customer experience. Here’s why Blix foot traffic software is an important analytical tool you should use to measure marketing success:

Gain Access to Location Specific Trends

Blix foot traffic software allows you to track which of your stores have the highest customer density how long a customer spends in one section and the percentage of loyal customers who visit multiple store outlets. This insightful data empowers you with greater knowledge on the reciprocal relationship between your store’s physical environment and buyer psychology, as well as whether your campaigns attract new customers, or re-engage existing ones.

Make Data-driven Improvements

The data provided by Blix foot traffic software reports is detailed and accurate so you can rank your best performing stores on measurable metrics. From the analytics provided you’re able to make decisions based on; the amount of walk-by traffic, the frequency of returning customers, the number of walk-by traffic conversions, the average visit duration and the bounce rate of each of your stores.

Knowing which staff members give you a better return rate by the hour, how store layout affects purchasing and which trading hours are most profitable in different outlets plays a vital role in retaining loyal customers and procuring new ones. These associated in-store metrics based on foot traffic can reveal insightful data about your best and worst performing stores.

Receive Data Applicable to Your Personal KPIs 

Blix Traffic software collects foot traffic data and presents reports specifically tailored to provide useful insights relevant to different job roles within your company. For example, if you’re a CEO, you can monitor your retail chain’s KPIs easily and quickly in real-time, access detailed reports of your entire network’s performance from any location, pin-point the company’s overall sales based on walk-in traffic and evaluate the real causes of underperformance with verifiable people counter data.

Tracking foot traffic of new and returning customers is a powerful way to measure the efficacy of each of your store’s marketing campaigns. Measuring your marketing via Blix Traffic gives you a data-driven reflection on whether or not your campaigns are bringing in droves of new customers or just maintaining the interests of your loyal buyers. Blix Traffic empowers you with clear metrics so you can capitalise on your measurable gains to improve your marketing campaigns and increase your revenue. Learn more about Blix Traffic for Retail to unlock new world of insight into store performance, download the guide here.

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