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Some new features for the new year

Written by Tony Loxton
Jan 19

As we lift off into a New Year, we also have some new features to launch for Blix, so keep an eye out for the updates when you next log into Blix.

Even more accurate TV advertising response attribution

Blix TV has seen a raft of refinements to the algorithms used to attribute response activity to individual TV spots. Just two examples:

  • Blix TV can now tailor its attribution algorithms per advertiser and channel. For example, clients may want to attribute website activity for 10 minutes after each spot airs, but attribute call center activity for 30 minutes after each spot airs. If you’re an existing client, your Blix TV account manager will be in touch to discuss fine-tuning your attribution algorithms.
  • With dynamic attribution periods, Blix TV will automatically extend the default attribution window for long spots. This means more accurate insights, particularly for advertorials and sponsored content.

Blix Intelligence and Blix Traffic now even easier to use

We’re also launching some great new features to make measuring your marketing ROI and counting in-store foot traffic even simpler.

  • Pop-up Notes - Hovering over a “Notes” icon below a chart will now show the relevant note in a pop-up speech bubble, offering a simple and quick way to see the marketing activity that is driving the biggest response.

  • Unlimited date ranges in Blix Intelligence reports - There is now no limit to the selectable date range for reports. This makes it easier to look back at historical data and spot long term trends in your spend and response.

If you want to find out more information about any (or all) of the updates, feel free to give us a call. 

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