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Sales funnel analysis is now even easier with Blix Intelligence

Written by Tony Loxton
Dec 18

One of the big challenges when building a sales funnel analytics tool like Blix Intelligence is creating a platform that can highlight key business trends from radically different industries and scales. The data and insights most valuable to a local construction company can be world’s apart from those of value to a multinational franchise retailer.

The solution to this challenge is flexibility. A flexible interface lets you rapidly descend from a birds-eye view of your business to granular spend and response for individual channels. Or to quickly identify weekly trends affecting low volume responses.

Blix Intelligence: now with added flexibility

Today, we’ve updated Blix Intelligence with a bunch of new features that give users even more flexibility in how they analyse their data.

  • Users can now quickly shade weekends--a useful visual cue for spotting weekend trends--and switch from a sparkline view to a line chart (in linear or logarithmic scale).
  • By default, we now show your Spend and Revenue metrics as a group total to give you an instant overview of your marketing spend. You can expand these groups to see channel-by-channel activity.
  • If you have multiple types of leads or goals, these are also now grouped by default. (Again, you can expand these groups out to see the nitty gritty).
  • We have a new data integration partner: Media Mind / Sizmek. Blix can now analyse display media cost, clicks and response, adding yet another layer of insight for clients.

And a whole lot more

Today’s update also includes a raft of smaller refinements across all Blix products, including the ability to ask questions of our support team with an in-app chat window, and e-commerce attribution within Blix TV.

We’re excited about these updates, and can’t wait to hear your thoughts; client feedback plays a huge role in our product roadmap.

Otherwise, from the entire Blix team, have a cracking Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years break!

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