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Our top five tips for increasing foot traffic - from CEO Tony Loxton

Written by Tony Loxton
Aug 16

All marketing endeavours are in the aid of increasing ROI. But to do this, you need to get people into your store. Increasing foot traffic is an art and a science, requiring strategic thinking, insight gleaned from data and a good dose of creative thinking. If you’re wanting to get people through your doors - regardless of what retail sphere you operate in – read on for our five tips to increase foot traffic and enjoy the sweet reward of amplified sales.

1. Make your in-store environment a place shoppers enjoy spending time in.

This may sound obvious, but there are always ways in which you can make someone’s time in your store that much more enjoyable. You may want to offer a seating area for weary dads who’ve been dragged to the shops against their will, offer a coffee bar where shoppers can take a breather and refuel, or tweak your store layout to make the floor easy and convenient to navigate. If you can demonstrate that you value your customers by giving them a pleasant shopping experience, you’re that much more likely to see them return.

2. Incorporate cultural trends, national holidays and local events into your marketing mix.

We recently wrote about how retailers are using cult-hit Pokemon Go to entice players into their stores. While your clientele may not be as enthusiastic about ‘catching them all’, there are other ways to cater to (and capitalise on) their outside interests. If a massive rugby game is on in your area, offer discounts to all home team supporters, or even better -  to the wives and girlfriends of sports-mad partners who’ve been left  to their own devices for the best part of the season and quite frankly, deserve a trophy of their own for putting up with a goggle-eyed, rabid sports fan who’s been sitting on the couch the whole weekend. (No judgment here.)

3. Make the entrance to your store as visually appealing as possible

In the same way that real estate agents encourage sellers to spring clean and spruce up their homes before they go on show, making a concerted effort to give your storefront that extra ‘something’ can go a long way in encouraging foot traffic. Humans are inherently visually-driven, and in an age where the average shopper is time-starved and brand-weary, the visual appeal of your store is more important than ever before. Eye-catching signage, interesting window displays and an intriguing shop front can make the difference between someone walking right past your store and someone coming inside to investigate.

4. Make sure your online presence points visitors directly to your physical store

Today’s consumers are interacting with brands online, whether via social media, a website, a forum or a combination thereof. If you want to get someone off their laptop (or phone) and into your store, you need to make sure that all of your online brand touchpoints pique interest and facilitate a move from online to your store. There are a variety of ways to do this, from obvious tactics like making sure that your physical address is prominently displayed (along with a map), to more inventive means like advertising a flash sale across social media and offering followers a discount, or conducting a virtual treasure-hunt that culminates in a player visiting your store.

5. Embrace the power of the pop-up store

Instead of relying on your consumers to come to you, erecting a pop-up store in a new area, or one that’s in close proximity to your flagship store is an extremely effective means of garnering new market share, increasing brand awareness and ultimately, foot traffic. A pop-up store taps into the effect of the ‘scarcity principle’, whereby shoppers are more likely to purchase a product due to the fact that it’s only available to a certain few. Pop-up shops are incredibly effective at encouraging cross-shopping, and as a result, foot traffic.

Increasing foot traffic is all well and good, but if you’re not measuring the number of feet through the door, you’ll have a hard time ascertaining which methods are most effective. Keeping an eye on foot traffic trends is crucial if you want to make sure that your hard work is in fact, facilitating sales. Find out about our foot traffic (also known as people counter) software, Blix Traffic here.

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