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New OzTAM data integration feature with Blix Tv

Written by Tony Loxton
Apr 14

Media performance analytics are crucial to successful advertising campaigns. They allow marketers to dissect their campaigns, measure each element and fine tune them based on these findings. This data is, therefore, hugely valuable. However, if the data is flawed or skewed, it can have dire consequences for a campaign and, in extreme cases, for an entire company.

That’s why Blix TV has integrated with OzTAM data – to help Blix subscribers strengthen the data foundation needed to analyse their campaigns accurately and timeously.

OzTAM is Australia's official television audience measurement (TAM) in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, as well as all subscription television across the country. Through Nielsen TAM, OzTAM captures data on audience television ratings, including data for a range of demographics. Companies then use OzTAM – which works independently of broadcasters – to measure the success of their campaigns, better understand the viewers themselves, and to help with the development and release of both television programs and marketing campaigns. It also has another key role: to help marketers determine how much they should be paying for television advertising slots.

OzTAM provides over 100 channels (both subscription and free-to-air) viewing estimates, in-home on a minute-by-minute basis, 24/7 and for every day of the year.

The Video Player Measurement (VPM) Report created by OzTAM was launched in February of 2016, and it made history by documenting the figures for viewing Internet-based television content for Australia. OzTAM empowers marketers with the right information to make informed strategic decisions about their campaigns while they are running, as opposed to offering after-the-fact data. Marketers have access to audience ratings the day after, for the exact slot that their advert is broadcast.

By integrating Blix TV and OzTAM, subscribers no longer need third-party services to gain the audience data needed to assess their campaigns.

By taking out the middleman, we enable subscribers to save time and money when acquiring this data, and allow them to focus on improving current television-based marketing campaigns. Blix gives subscribers insight into which markets and channels (or time slots) to focus on in order to reach the right personas, at the best time and, ultimately, to improve overall ROI.

If you would like to find out more about how Blix TV and OzTAM can help you create better, more effective campaigns, you can read more on our website.

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