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Making the most of TV advertising CPA

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Written by Tony Loxton
Sep 11

If you’re involved in the world of marketing, you’ve probably realised the benefits cost-per-action (CPA) can provide. CPA is an advertising model where publishers are paid for an action that is taken as a direct result of their marketing. That means advertisers only pay for actual responses to their ads - whether that’s a sales transaction, a customer acquisition or a click.

Getting the best bang for your buck

It’s essential for marketers to know the CPA for all of their marketing channels, including TV advertising. If you know which marketing channels have the lowest CPA, you know where you should be focusing your marketing budget. The more of your marketing budget you can allocate to lower CPA channels, the more customers you can obtain for a fixed budget.

Know how and when consumers are interacting with your brand

If someone watches your TV commercial, how can you identify that the TV ad resulted in the viewer taking action? TV viewers are consumers. They don't have a chance to interact directly with the media that they are being exposed to. This makes it very hard to establish a direct link between what the consumer sees and the exact moment they interact with your brand. These are the key metrics that advertisers traditionally consider when attempting to quantify the impact of their advertising campaigns:

  • Increase in direct traffic
  • Share of direct traffic
  • Increase in SEO traffic especially through the brand keywords
  • Email subscriptions
  • Reduction in bounce rates
  • Increase in responses from Facebook page
  • Increase in product searches
  • Increase in CTR’s of online ads
  • Increase in conversions from online advertising etc.

Blix TV - the TV advertising analytics solution

With the evolution of digital technology, it’s become easier to track the ROI of your TV advertising. Blix TV is a TV advertising analytics solution that allows you to analyse and track your TV media against your website analytics (whether you’re looking at website traffic or online sales) and call centre activity to determine the actual impact of your advertisements on your target audience. This allows you to track the actions taken by a consumer as a direct result of your advertisements. You no longer need to try and track customer response using ineffective traditional TV advertising methods. Blix TV allows you to measure the impact of TV advertising by measuring your customer’s response.  This hard data will allow you to track:

  • TV ad performance by channel
  • The time of day your ads elicit the best response
  • The best or worst performing TV advertisement or TV creative

Blix TV will help you improve your understanding of advertising analytics, better develop targeted campaign strategies and lower your CPA by correlating your TV campaign performance, and provide you with a comprehensive view of your TV advertising spend versus audience response.

Blix TV and Fiat Chrysler

Fiat Chrysler was one company that was struggling to measure the impact of their TV advertising. They had been using the Target Audience Rating Points (TARPs) system, which had been providing them with information on how many people saw their ad, but it didn't help them identify if people were taking action.

Blix TV provided them with a solution that resulted in a 30% improvement in TV advertising performance in just 12 months. By tracking key metrics in real-time, Fiat Chrysler were able to optimise their TV media budget and how it was spent on creatives, air time and channels. Need more information on our TV advertising analytics solution? Learn more about Blix TV here.

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