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Increasing TV advertising ROI is easier than you think

Written by Tony Loxton
Jun 2

What is your TV ad CPA? If you don't know the answer to this question, investing in TV advertising isn’t any different to throwing money into a dodgy investment that provides no reporting on how well your money is performing. For all you know, your money is going down the proverbial drain.

If you are able to determine your advertising ROI from your TV spend, you’ll be able to know which TV campaigns are smart investments, and which are falling flat. But in order to calculate your actual TV advertising ROI, you need to know how each channel, campaign and time slot is performing, and importantly, those which are successfully facilitating a response from you target market.

Many people rely on Target Audience Rating Points (or TARPs) to give them an estimate of their TV advertising reach – but here’s why relying on one metric or methodology is problematic: you're only seeing one part of the picture, and while this information is useful for your advertising strategy, you still don’t have any idea of what your actual TV advertising ROI is. You need to know which TV channels, which creative and which time slots perform best with your target audience and actually results in a response by them.

There are no two ways about it – without being able to determine your CPR, gauging TV advertising ROI is impossible.

The good news? Blix TV takes the guesswork out of this crucial equation. Instead, you’re left with metrics that are based on hard data that indicate: TV ad performance by channel, the time of day your ads elicit the best response, the creative that’s your star performer, as well as the creative that’s falling flat. By correlating your TV campaign performance with your website interactions or call centre data, you’re gifted with a comprehensive and holistic view of your TV advertising spend versus audience response. And in turn, you’re now able to optimise your TV spend based on actual data instead of a vague idea, which ultimately enables you to achieve the holy grail of any marketing endeavour – greater advertising ROI.

Blix provided Progressive with an important tool to quickly help identify pockets of TV media leakage.

“Once we addressed the ineffective pockets, it provided a 20%+ improvement in our media efficiency. We have recovered to our target cost per sale and attribute much to the Blix system.”
Simon Lindsay, Country Manager, Progressive Insurance.

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