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How to measure the effectiveness of your in-store visual displays

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Written by Tony Loxton
Apr 6

You've spent a significant amount of time working on your store's latest visual display and it's finally ready to be revealed to the world. But does your display add to your brand identity, attract passing foot traffic and increase sales? An effective retail display can achieve all of this. This is why it's important that you take the time to develop a display design that is emotionally and intellectually engaging, to truly grab the attention of a potential customer. However, even if you do create an in-store display that achieves this, how would you know? In this blog we take a look at three ways you can measure the effectiveness of your in-store visual displays.

Make visual displays measurable

The first step is to introduce a retail analytics technology that can help you track the effectiveness of your visual displays. This will allow you to assess the impact your window and in-store displays have. For example, a retail analytics solution can track if passersby stop to look at your display, and of those people who stop, how many are actually entering your store.

Monitor performance continuously over a long period of time

Once you have implemented a retail analytics solution, retailers can build a database of statistics that they can use to measure performance of their visual displays over a long-term period. This will allow you to look back and compare how your current performance differs from previous periods and allow you to plan accordingly for the future.

While this will no doubt be of benefit to individual stores, brands with an international presence can also apply their insights on a global scale. After all, different cultures will have different reactions to your displays, and retail analytics can help you to track what works in one region but doesn't in another. With the right data to back you up, you can customise your approach to various target demographics in different parts of the world.

Tap into in-store analytics for in-depth analysis

You can extend the reach of your retail analytics solution to track how people behave in your store. You'll be able to find answers to questions such as:

  • How often does a customer visit my store?
  • How long are they spending during each visit?
  • Which sections of my store have the most foot traffic and which parts of my store are ignored?
  • How are customers interacting with the different in-store displays?

These are three of the steps you can take in order to measure the effectiveness of your in-store visual displays. To unlock this new world of insights, take advantage of the latest people counting technology and find out more from our guide here

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